Ebola Experts Caution: Vaccine Still Months Away

- VOA News,August 2, 2015

Ebola experts hailed the development of a "highly effective" Ebola vaccine, but they are cautioning that widespread availability of the vaccine is still months away.

World Health Organization expert Marie-Paule Kieny told reporters that the vaccine may indeed avert major epidemics in the future, but warned that it will be a while longer before the shot is approved by regulators.

The WHO's Ebola response coordinator in Guinea, Mohammed Belhocine, said the development should be celebrated, but people should not let their guard drop yet.

And Guinea's top government response coordinator, Sakoba Keita, has expressed hope that an effective vaccine could lessen the stigma against Ebola sufferers and their families.

The vaccine is expected to undergo more study before likely being used to limit the spread of the virus when a case is detected, and to protect health care workers, who are at highest risk of infection.

The World Health Organization announced Friday that the vaccine has so far been 100 percent effective in trials conducted in Guinea. The British medical journal Lancet  published preliminary results and analyses.


- 美国之音,2015年8月2日


世界卫生组织专家基恩尼(Marie-Paule Kieny)对媒体表示,这种疫苗未来确实可以避免重大疫情,但是同时告诫外界,该注射疫苗获得管理机构的批准,仍需时日。

世界卫生组织在几内亚的响应协调员贝尔霍辛(Mohammed Belhocine)说,应该加快这种疫苗的研发,但民众还不应放松(对疫情的)警惕。

几内亚政府高级疫情协调员萨科巴.基塔(Sakoba Keita)表示,希望这种高效疫苗能够缓解埃博拉患者及其家人的艰难的处境。