Kabul Blasts Kill Dozens, Taliban Claim Responsibility

- VOA News,August 8, 2015

The Taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing Friday at an Afghan police academy in Kabul. Police report the attack killed at least 27 people and wounded more than 25 others.

An Afghan police official says the bomber was wearing a police uniform and mixed in with a crowd of students returning from a break.

The attack came just hours after a huge truck bomb blew up near an army compound in Kabul, close to a residential neighborhood. That blast killed at least 15 people, wounded about 240, and damaged a number of homes. Most of the victims were civilians.

No one has taken responsibility for the truck bombing. But Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said whoever was behind the attack has gained nothing.

Meanwhile, at least one other explosion was reported Friday near the Kabul airport and close to where U.S. special forces are based. Details are unavailable.

Friday's blast at the police academy was the first Taliban-claimed bombing in Kabul since the group confirmed last week the death of its founder Mullah Mohammad Omar.


- 美国之音,2015年8月8日