Reports: US Hostage Was Raped by IS Leader Before Her Death

FILE - Eric Mueller reads a poem about his late sister, aid worker Kayla Mueller, at the Prescott's Courthouse Square in Prescott, Arizona, Feb. 18, 2015.

VOA News,August 15, 2015

New U.S. media reports said Friday that American aid worker Kayla Mueller, killed this year while in the custody of Islamic State militants, was raped repeatedly by the group's leader before her death.

Media outlets quoted U.S. counterterrorism officials and spoke to Mueller's parents, who confirmed being told by U.S. officials in June that their daughter had been raped by Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

ABC News first reported al-Baghdadi's sexual abuse of Mueller and quoted her parents, Carl and Marsha Mueller, as saying that their daughter had been tortured and was "the property of al-Baghdadi."

ABC also said al-Baghdadi would sexually assault her in the house of his financial lieutenant, Abu Sayyaf, who was killed earlier this year in a U.S. commando raid on his compound.

The information about al-Baghdadi's actions came from sources including at least two Yazidi girls who were also sexually abused in Sayyaf's compound before their escape.

Mueller was captured in August 2013 in Aleppo in northern Syria and held by Islamic State militants for 18 months.

The Islamic State group claims Mueller was killed during a Jordanian airstrike in February.  U.S. officials have called into question the circumstances of her death.



美国广播公司(ABC News)等媒体报道说,今年早些时候死去的一位被恐怖组织“伊斯兰国”绑架并长期囚禁的美国公民,被囚禁期间屡次遭到该组织头目巴格达迪的强奸。

这名名叫凯拉.穆勒(Kayla Mueller)的美国公民是以人道援助人员身份去到叙利亚的,在2013年八月在叙利亚北部的阿勒坡被伊斯兰国恐怖分子绑架,并被囚禁了18个月之久。