Flooding Kills 27 in Myanmar

- VOA News,August 3, 2015

Flooding in Myanmar has now killed at least 27 people and affected more than 150,000, numbers that are both expected to rise, as the government, military and relief organizations work to carry out rescue operations and provide aid.

President Thein Sein went Saturday to the Sagaing region in northern Myanmar, one of four areas where he has declared a state of emergency.  

Weeks of heavy rains, made worse by a cyclone that hit late last week, caused flooding and landslides that have hit the western part of the country hardest.  Some areas have seen floodwaters several meters deep.

In Rakhine state, along Myanmar’s southwestern coast, the U.N.’s humanitarian agency said Saturday that there are reports of “extensive damage” to camps around Sittwe, where 100,000 people already displaced by conflict in Myanmar have been staying.

缅甸连降暴雨 洪水泛滥

- 美国之音,2015年8月3日

缅甸洪水泛滥,造成至少27人死亡, 15万人受到影响。预计灾民人数还会增加。缅甸政府、军队和救援组织正努力救灾,提供援助。