Beijing to Host 2022 Winter Olympic Games

- VOA News William Ide,August 1, 2015

China has won the bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in its capital of Beijing, making it the first city to host both the summer and winter games.  The decision comes despite vocal concerns from international rights groups and activists who say awarding Beijing is the wrong decision given its rights record.  

The vote to decide which of the two remaining cities bidding for the games would win —  Kazakhtsan’s Almaty and China’s Beijing — was a close one with 44 voting in favor of Beijing to 40 for Almaty.

A slight technical hiccup marred the process, when International Olympic Committee members had to switch from electronic tablets to submit paper ballots.

IOC President Thomas Bach announced the decision.

"The International Olympic Committee has the honor to announce the host city of the Olympic Winter Games 2022 - Beijing," he said.

Chinese officials and members of the bidding team who were at the IOC vote in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia leapt up from the seats and hugged one another after hearing the decision. Some shed tears. In a rare display of emotion, an anchor on the state-run CCTV news channel had to pause when starting off his report about the decision to control his excitement.
In Beijing, outside the iconic Birds Nest, which was a main venue for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, elderly women were dancing and singing — in what appeared to be more of an organized gathering than a spontaneous celebration. Others waved the Chinese flag and stood on the Great Wall.

In the city of Zhangjiakou, nearly 200 kilometers outside of Beijing where some of the events will be held, local residents were ecstatic. In other parts of Beijing, however, there were few celebrations, while most were pleased with the decision.
Well known Chinese athletes such as Yao Ming — a member of the bidding team for the games — see the awarding of the bid to Beijing as an opportunity to ignite interest in winter sports here. Officials claim that China could see some 300 million take up winter sports.

Without a doubt, the decision will be a major boost for winter sports in China such as skiing, ice hockey and figure skating, but rights activists in and outside of the country are concerned.

The IOC says it has received assurances from China on human rights.

In the run up to the games, Beijing has pledged to spend more than $7 billion to clean up its notoriously smoggy air — which is at its worst typically in the winter.

Officials also say that their hosting of downhill events in the parched mountains of Zhangjiakou, which is expected to rely heavily on man-made snow, will have a minimal impact on the environment.  Environmentalists and scientists are skeptical of that pledge.


- 美国之音艾德,2015年8月1日



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