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Prime Minister Theresa May takes part in the Great Plastic Pick Up

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Well it's great to be here today at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Maidenhead, with members of the Eco Council. And we've been doing part of the Great Plastic Pick Up. That's something that's been launched by Keep Britain Tidy with Dailymail. And it's really important for us to pick up plastic, to make sure we recycle all the plastic we can, because too much of our plastic is ending up in our oceans, and that's causing a real problem for our fish, and it's causing a real problem for our environment, and if we really care about the world in which we live, let's go out and do something about plastic. So be part of the Great Plastic Pick Up not just this weekend, but always.

(A boy student) And it's also really nice to know that the Prime Minister is as passionate about plastic as us. (A girl student) We can spread the world about plastic and then everyone else will be able to pick it up.

And we want to leave our environment in a better state than we found it, and if we could do that, that would be great.

Mrs May had joined pupils in her Maidenhead constituency to help get the Great Plastic Pick Up off to a fast start

Year four Eco Warriors from Westerhope Primary School in Newcastle upon Tyne taking part in the Daily Mail Great Plastic Pick Up

With sleeves rolled up, a pair of Marigolds on, a refuse bag in her left hand and a litter picker in her right, Mrs May mucked in as the group cleared litter from a playing field
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