编辑:给力英语新闻 更新:2018年3月14日 作者:纽约时报(By CHARLES McDERMID)


Good morning. Here’s what you need to know:


• “Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a fantastic job!”

• “中情局(CIA)局长迈克·庞皮欧(Mike Pompeo)将成为我们新的国务卿。他会有杰出表现!”

Rex Tillerson found out he had lost the top U.S. diplomatic post when his aide showed him President Trump’s tweet. Mr. Tillerson may have gotten an early warning; he wrapped up his trip to Africa early, above.

当雷克斯·蒂勒森(Rex Tillerson)的助手给他看特朗普总统的推文时,他才知道自己已经失去了美国最高外交职位。蒂勒森可能得到了预警;他提前结束了在非洲的访问(上图)。

At the C.I.A., Mr. Pompeo will be replaced by the current deputy director, Gina Haspel, who oversaw the torture of two terrorism suspects at a secret prison in Thailand. If confirmed, Ms. Haspel would be the first woman to head the spy agency.

在中情局,现任副局长吉娜·哈斯佩尔(Gina Haspel)将接任蓬佩奥,她曾负责监督在泰国一座秘密监狱里对两名恐怖分子嫌疑人的刑讯逼供。如果任命得到确认,她将成为领导这个间谍机构的首位女性。

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• “Nonsense.” That’s how Russia’s foreign minister answered Britain’s accusation that Moscow was behind the nerve-agent attack on a former Russian double agent and his daughter.

• “一派胡言。”对于英国指控称莫斯科是一名前俄罗斯双面间谍及其女儿受到神经毒剂袭击的幕后凶手,俄罗斯外交部长如是回答。

Britain may follow with new sanctions. Above, Laurie Bristow, the British ambassador to Russia, visited the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow on Tuesday.

英国接下来可能会对俄罗斯发起新的制裁。周二,英国驻俄罗斯大使劳里·布里斯托(Laurie Bristow,上图)在莫斯科走访了俄罗斯外交部。

Russia now has more intelligence agents deployed in London than at the height of the Cold War. Our correspondent spoke to some of the powerful expatriate Russians they watch.


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• A fresh burst of #MeToo moments:

• “#我也是(MeToo)运动的新爆发:

Five women told The Times that the star architect Richard Meier, above, sexually harassed them; he announced a six-month leave from his firm.

五名女性告诉时报,明星建筑师理查德·迈耶(Richard Meier,上图)对她们进行了性骚扰;他宣布停职六个月。

In New Zealand, the governing Labour Party is under fire for not reporting sexual assault at its youth summer camp. In Egypt, two women are confronting the taboo that surrounds sexual violence (one even struck her attacker with her purse).


In New York, the Metropolitan Opera fired its conductor, James Levine, after an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse and harassment.

在纽约,大都会歌剧院(Metropolitan Opera)在对性侵和性骚扰指控进行调查后,将指挥詹姆斯·莱文(James Levine)开除。

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• The Horn of Africa dried faster in the last century than at any time over the last 2,000 years, according to recent research.

• 根据最近的研究,非洲之角(The Horn of Africa)在上个世纪的干旱速度是过去两千年之最。

And four severe droughts have devastated the area in the past two decades, pushing millions of the world’s poorest people to the edge of survival.


Our reporter traveled to Kenya, where people long hounded by poverty and strife have found themselves on the front line of a new crisis: climate change.


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• New Zealand opened its skies to tests of self-piloted flying taxis financed by Larry Page, the co-founder of Google. Our DealBook columnist had the scoop on the announcement and the possibility of a commercial network of the vehicles in as soon as three years, furthering Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s target of making the country “net carbon zero by 2050.”

• 新西兰向谷歌(Google)联合创始人拉里·佩奇(Larry Page)资助的无人驾驶空中出租车测试敞开了大门。我们的交易录(DealBook)专栏作者早在三年前就挖到了这条消息,及其建立商业网络可行性的独家新闻。这进一步推动了该国总理杰辛达·阿德恩(Jacinda Ardern)的目标——在2050年前实现“净零碳”。

• President Trump’s block of what would have been the biggest tech deal ever — a $117 billion hostile-takeover bid by the Singapore-based Broadcom for the rival U.S. chip maker Qualcomm — underscored the lengths he will go to shelter American companies from foreign competition, and to safeguard primacy in sectors that could shift to China.

• 特朗普总统否决了史上最大一笔科技交易——总部位于新加坡的博通(Broadcom)对竞争对手美国芯片制造商高通(Qualcomm)价值1170亿美元的恶意收购,这突出了他保护美国企业免遭外国竞争,以及维护美国在那些可能转移到中国的行业所处优势地位的决心。

• Officials in Washington say that China has too many steel and aluminum factories — and many Chinese officials agree.

• 华盛顿的官员称,中国的钢铁厂和铝厂太多了——很多中国官员也同意这个说法。

• Our food section tracked how the U.S. came to import more than half of its fresh fruit and almost a third of its fresh vegetables. [The New York Times]

• 我们的美食频道追溯了美国究竟是如何走到需要进口超过一半的新鲜水果,以及几乎三分之一的新鲜蔬菜这一步的。

In the News



• This young fellow was born in central Afghanistan on Sept. 3, 2016. His parents named him Donald Trump, hoping to bring him good fortune. But they got something else Mr. Trump has in abundance: notoriety. [The New York Times]

• 这个小家伙于2016年9月3日出生在阿富汗中部。他的父母给他取名为唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump),希望能带给他好运。但是他们还遭遇了其他特朗普大量拥有的东西:恶名。(《纽约时报》)

• With South Korea taking the lead on brokering a possible U.S.-North Korean summit meeting, Japan is scrambling to be more than a diplomatic third wheel. [The New York Times]

• 随着韩国在成为可能的美朝峰会的中间人上占据先机,日本不甘心只当外交上的“电灯泡”。(《纽约时报》)

• A leaked draft of a U.N. report says two companies in Singapore violated sanctions by supplying North Korea with luxury goods. [BBC]

• 一份泄露的联合国报告草稿称,新加坡的两家公司不顾国际制裁,向朝鲜供应奢侈品。(BBC)

• Recordings of the conversation between air traffic control and the pilot of the Bangladeshi passenger plane that crashed in Nepal indicate possible confusion over the runway. (Our correspondent reached the airport shortly after the crash.) [NDTV]

• 空管与在尼泊尔坠毁的孟加拉国民航客机驾驶员之间的对话录音表明,在跑道问题上可能出现了误解。(我们的记者在坠机后不久抵达了该机场。)(新德里电视台)

• Our Southeast Asia correspondent visited Phnom Penh, where around 600 U.S. residents of Cambodian descent have been deported, many directly from prison. The adjustment is jarring, to say the least. Hundreds more may be sent back to Cambodia this year. [The New York Times]

• 我们的驻南亚记者拜访了金边,大约600名居住在美国的柬埔寨人被驱逐出了美国,许多人是直接从监狱里遣返。毫不夸张地说,这种调整令人震惊。今年可能会有数百人被送回柬埔寨。(《纽约时报》)

• The Taliban briefly captured a district in western Afghanistan, and officials warned that the country’s security could further deteriorate in the coming year. [The New York Times]

• 塔利班(The Taliban)短暂占领了阿富汗西部的一个地区,官员警告称,明年该国的安全状况可能会进一步恶化。(《纽约时报》)




• “This is how they lived,” a German high school student visiting a concentration camp whispered. A recent proposal to make visits to Nazi camps mandatory for everyone comes at a time when Germany is grappling with a rise of anti-Semitism.

• “他们就是这样生活的,”一名德国高中生在参观一座集中营时轻声说道。当德国正在与反犹主义的兴起进行斗争之际,最近有提议要求每个人都必须参观纳粹集中营。

• A controversial work by the artist Xu Bing that was pulled from the Guggenheim exhibition “Art and China After 1989: Theater of the World” will return as part of the museum’s permanent collection. The work, “A Case Study of Transference,” is a video documentation of a 1994 performance in which two pigs copulated before a live audience.

• 艺术家徐冰被古根海姆博物馆的展览“1989年之后的艺术与中国——世界剧场”撤下的争议性作品,将作为该馆的永久性藏品回归。这件名为《文化动物》的作品是一部录像,记录了1994年两头猪在一群观众面前现场交配。

• Our science team looked at a species of ancient assassins that hunt their own kind. Once thought extinct, pelican spiders are actually thriving in Madagascar, South Africa and Australia.

• 我们的科学团队探究了一种捕食同类的古老刺客。鹈鹕蛛曾被认为已经灭绝,它实际上在马达加斯加、南非和澳大利亚繁衍旺盛。

• The Olympics may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your curling obsession.

• 奥运会可能结束了,但这不意味着你需要放弃对冰壶运动的热爱。

Back Story



The reaction to our collaboration last week with The Times’s crossword column, Wordplay, was overwhelmingly positive, so we’re doing it again.


Each week, Wordplay’s editor, Deb Amlen, will highlight the answer to one of the most difficult clues from the previous week’s puzzles.

每周,词玩专栏的编辑德布·阿姆兰(Deb Amlen)都将把上周谜题中最难的一个线索的答案作为主题。

This week’s word: aubade.


It was the answer to a clue in last Friday’s crossword: “Poem greeting the dawn.” (It might also be clued as “morning music,” “Morning song” or “Sunrise song.”)


An aubade (pronounced o-BAHD) can also be a musical composition about the morning. Its counterpart, a poem or song about the evening, is a nocturne.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word was first used in 1678 and was adopted by the French from the Spanish word “alba,” meaning sunrise.

根据牛津英语词典(Oxford English Dictionary),这个词在1678年被首次使用,它来自法语对西班牙语中代表日出的“alba”一词的吸收。

Ben Zimmer, the language columnist for The Wall Street Journal, noted that “A skim of Google Books shows that aubade appeared chiefly in French sources, or French-English dictionaries, until the early 19th century.”

《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)的语言专栏作者本·季默(Ben Zimmer)注意到,“对谷歌图书的查阅显示,直到19世纪初,aubade主要出现在法语书或者法英词典里。”

An example of an aubade would be John Donne’s “The Sun Rising,” which, if nothing else, shows that the English poet was clearly not a morning person.

约翰·多恩(John Donne)的《日出》(The Sun Rising)就是一首晨歌,不说别的,这首诗表明,这位英国诗人显然不是一个喜欢早起的人。

With that, we wish you a wonderful start to your day.