编辑:给力英语新闻 更新:2017年10月6日 作者:特雷莎·梅(Theresa May)

May puts the final touches to her speech
May puts the final touches to her speech

A little over forty years ago in a small village in Oxfordshire, I signed up to be a member of the Conservative Party.I did it because it was the party that had the ideas to build a better Britain.  It understood the hard work and discipline necessary to see them through.

And it had at its heart a simple promise that spoke to me, my values and my aspirations: that each new generation in our country should be able to build a better future. That each generation should live the British Dream.And that dream is what I believe in.

But what the General Election earlier this year showed is that, forty years later, for too many people in our country that dream feels distant, our party’s ability to deliver it is in question, and the British Dream that has inspired generations of Britons feels increasingly out of reach.

Now I called that election. And I know that all of you in this hall – your friends and your families – worked day and night to secure the right result.Because of your hard work we got 2.3 million more votes and achieved our highest vote share in 34 years. That simply would not have been possible without the long days and late nights, the phone calls, the leaflet drops. The weekends and evenings spent knocking on doors.So for everything that you do, let me say – thank you.

But we did not get the victory we wanted because our national campaign fell short.It was too scripted. Too presidential. And it allowed the Labour Party to paint us as the voice of continuity, when the public wanted to hear a message of change. I hold my hands up for that. I take responsibility. I led the campaign.And I am sorry.

But the choice before us now is clear:Do we give up, spend our time looking back? Or do we do our duty, look to the future and give the country the government it needs? This country will judge us harshly if we get this decision wrong.

Because all that should ever drive us is the duty we have to Britain and the historic mission of this party – this Conservative Party – to renew the British Dream in each new generation.That dream that says each generation should do better than the one before it. Each era should be better than the last. The dream that, for decades, has inspired people from around the world to come to Britain. To make their home in Britain. To build their lives in Britain. The dream that means the son of a bus driver from Pakistan serves in a Conservative Cabinet alongside the son of a single mother from a council estate in South-West London. And in a way, that dream is my story too.

I know that people think I’m not very emotional. I’m not the kind of person who wears their heart on their sleeve. And I don’t mind being called things like the Ice Maiden – though perhaps George Osborne took the analogy a little far.  But let me tell you something.My grandmother was a domestic servant, who worked as a lady’s maid below stairs. She worked hard and made sacrifices, because she believed in a better future for her family. And that servant – that lady’s maid – among her grandchildren boasts three professors and a prime minister. 

That is why the British Dream inspires me. Why that dream of progress between the generations spurs me on. And it is why today at this conference, this Conservative Party must pledge to renew the British Dream in this country once again.To renew that dream is my purpose in politics. My reason for being. The thing that drives me on. And it has never wavered through good times and hard times. My belief that this Conservative government can renew it has always remained strong.  

For whenever we are tested as a nation, this party steps up to the plate. Seven years ago, our challenge was to repair the damage of Labour’s great recession – and we did it. The deficit is down. Spending is under control. And our economy is growing again.But we didn’t limit ourselves to that ambition. We have achieved so much more. 

An income tax cut for over 30 million people.Four million taken out of paying it at all.Employment up to a record high.Unemployment down to a historic low.Income inequality at its lowest for thirty years.More women in work than ever before.

Over 11,000 more doctors in our NHS.Over 11,000 more nurses on our hospital wards.Free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds doubled.1.8 million more children in good or outstanding schools.3 million more apprenticeships.Crime down by more than a third.

More young people from disadvantaged backgrounds going to university than at any time in the history of our country.Britain leading the world in tackling climate change, eradicating global poverty, and countering terrorism wherever it rears its head.Same sex marriage on the statute book, so that two people who love each other can get married, no matter what their gender…

And a National Living Wage – giving a pay rise to the lowest earners – introduced not by the Labour Party, but by us, the Conservative Party.So let us never allow the Left to pretend they have a monopoly on compassion.This is the good a Conservative Government can do – and we should never let anyone forget it.

But it’s easy when you’ve been in government for a while to fall into the trap of defending your record, and standing for the status quo. Yes, we’re proud of the progress we have made, but the world doesn’t stand still. 

Change, as Disraeli taught us, is constant and inevitable. And we must bend it to our will. That means staking out an agenda for Britain – and uniting behind it too. And the agenda that I laid out on day one as prime minister still holds. It burns inside me just the same. 

Because at its core, it’s about sweeping away injustice – the barriers that mean for some the British Dream is increasingly out of reach.About saying what matters is not where you are from or who your parents are. The colour of your skin. Whether you’re a man or a woman, rich or poor. From the inner city or an affluent suburb.How far you go in life should depend on you and your hard work.

That is why I have always taken on vested interests when they are working against the interests of the people. Called out those who abuse their positions of power and given a voice to those who have been ignored or silenced for too long.     

And when people ask me why I put myself through it – the long hours, the pressure, the criticism and insults that inevitably go with the job – I tell them this: I do it to root out injustice and to give everyone in our country a voice.That’s why when I reflect on my time in politics, the things that make me proud are not the positions I have held, the world leaders I have met, the great global gatherings to which I have been, but knowing that I made a difference. That I helped those who couldn’t be heard.

Like the families of the 96 men, women and children who tragically lost their lives at Hillsborough. For years they saw people in authority closing ranks and acting against them, but now they are on the way to seeing justice served. 

That’s what I’m in this for.Like the victims and survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, ignored for years by people in positions of power, now on the long road to the truth.That’s what I’m in this for.

Like Alexander Paul, a young man who came to this conference three years ago to tell his story. The story of a young black boy growing up in modern Britain who without causing any trouble – without doing anything wrong – found himself being stopped and searched by people in authority time and time and time again. 

Alexander spoke so eloquently about his experience and how he came to mistrust those in positions of power as a result. So inspired by his example, we took action. We shook up the system, and the number of black people being stopped and searched has fallen by over two thirds. I am sad to have to tell you that last year, Alexander – who inspired us all with his passion – was diagnosed with brain cancer. And in June of this year he tragically passed away. He was just 21. Let us today remember the courage he showed in coming to our conference to speak out against injustice, take pride that we gave him a platform – and inspired by his example, redouble our efforts to give a voice to the voiceless at every opportunity.That’s what I’m in this for.

And that same commitment is the reason why one of my first acts as Prime Minister was to establish the ground-breaking racial disparity audit – investigating how a person’s race affects their treatment by public services, so that we can take action and respond.

We already know, for example, that members of Black and Minority Ethnic communities have a higher risk of illnesses such as high blood pressure that may lead to the need for an organ transplant.

But our ability to help people who need transplants is limited by the number of organ donors that come forward. That is why last year 500 people died because a suitable organ was not available. And there are 6,500 on the transplant list today. So to address this challenge that affects all communities in our country, we will change that system. Shifting the balance of presumption in favour of organ donation. Working on behalf of the most vulnerable.That’s what I’m in this for. 

It’s why after seeing the unimaginable tragedy unfold at Grenfell Tower, I was determined that we should get to the truth.Because Grenfell should never have happened – and should never be allowed to happen again.So we must learn the lessons: understanding not just what went wrong but why the voice of the people of Grenfell had been ignored over so many years. That’s what the public inquiry will do. And where any individual or organisation is found to have acted negligently, justice must be done.That’s what I’m in this for.

And because in this – as in other disasters before it – bereaved and grieving families do not get the support they need, we will introduce an independent public advocate for major disasters.An advocate to act on behalf of bereaved families to support them at public inquests and inquiries. The strong independent voice that victims need.That’s what I’m in this for.

It’s why tackling the injustice and stigma associated with mental health is a particular priority for me. So we are building on our record of giving mental and physical health parity in law by investing more in mental health than ever before. But there is widespread concern that the existing Mental Health legislation passed more three decades ago is leading to shortfalls in services and is open to misuse. Detention rates under the Mental Health Act are too high. And it is people from black and minority ethnic populations who are affected the most. So today I can announce that I have asked Professor Sir Simon Wessely to undertake an independent review of the Mental Health Act, so that we can tackle the longstanding injustices of discrimination in our mental health system once and for all.That’s what I’m in this for.

This is the Conservatism I believe in. A Conservatism of fairness and justice and opportunity for all. A Conservatism that keeps the British Dream alive for a new generation. That’s what I’m in this for.That’s what we must all be in this for. 

And we must come together to fight for this mainstream Conservative agenda. To win the battle of ideas in a new generation all over again. For those ideas are being tested. And at stake are the very things we value.

Our precious union of nations – four nations that are stronger as one – threatened by those with their narrow, nationalist agendas that seek to drive us apart.The strength of our society, in which we understand the obligations and responsibilities we have to one another, under attack from militant forces who preach animosity and hate. The free-market economy – for so long the basis of our prosperity and security. An idea that has lifted millions around the world out of poverty – called into question by those who would imperil our future by adopting the failed experiments of the past.

That idea of free and open markets, operating under the right rules and regulations, is precious to us.It’s the means by which we generate our prosperity as a nation, and improve the living standards of all our people.It has helped to cement Britain’s influence as a force for good in the world.

It has underpinned the rules-based international system that helped rebuild post-war Europe and the world beyond.It has ushered in the fall of the Berlin Wall; the end of communism, and the dark days of the Iron Curtain; securing the advance of freedom across Europe and across the world.It has inspired 70 years of prosperity, raising living standards for hundreds of millions of people right across the globe.

So don’t try and tell me that free markets are no longer fit for purpose. That somehow they’re holding people back.Don’t try and tell me that the innovations they have encouraged – the advances they have brought – the mobile phone, the internet, pioneering medical treatments, the ability to travel freely across the world – are worth nothing.

The free market – and the values of freedom, equality, rights, responsibilities, and the rule of law that lie at its heart – remains the greatest agent of collective human progress ever created.So let us win this argument for a new generation and defend free and open markets with all our might. Because there has rarely been a time when the choice of futures for Britain is so stark. The difference between the parties so clear.

And it’s the Conservative Party that has a vision of an open, global, self-confident Britain, while our opponents flirt with a foreign policy of neutrality and prepare for a run on the pound. Some people say we’ve spent too much time talking about Jeremy Corbyn’s past.So let’s talk about his present instead. 

This is a politician who wants to pile on taxes to business just when we need them to invest in our country the most. This is a politician who wants to borrow hundreds of billions of pounds to nationalise industries without the slightest idea of how much it will cost or how he will ever pay it back.This is a politician who wants to strip us of our nuclear deterrent, without being honest with voters about his plans.This is a politician who lets anti-Semitism, misogyny and hatred run free, while he doesn’t do a thing to stop it.This is a politician who thinks we should take the economics of Venezuela as our role-model.

No… Jeremy Corbyn.

By contrast, when I look around the cabinet table, I have confidence that we have a team full of talent, drive and compassion. A team that is determined that this party – this great Conservative Party – will tackle the challenges of the future together.A team that is determined we will always do our duty by our country.

And our first and most important duty is to get Brexit right. The people have decided. We have taken their instruction.Britain is leaving the European Union in March 2019.

I know some find the negotiations frustrating.But if we approach them in the right spirit – in a spirit of cooperation and friendship, with our sights set firmly on the future – I am confident we will find a deal that works for Britain and Europe too. And let’s be clear about the agreement we seek.It’s the agreement I set out earlier this year at Lancaster House and again in my speech in Florence ten days ago.

It’s a new deep and special partnership between a strong, successful European Union and a sovereign United Kingdom. A partnership that allows us to continue to trade and cooperate with each other, because we see shared challenges and opportunities ahead. But a partnership that ensures the United Kingdom is a sovereign nation once again. A country in which the British people are firmly in control.

I believe it is profoundly in all our interests for the negotiations to succeed. But I know that are some are worried whether we are prepared in the event that they do not. It is our responsibility as a government to prepare for every eventuality. And let me reassure everyone in this hall – that is exactly what we are doing.  So a deep and special partnership is our ambition and our offer. And I look forward to that offer receiving a positive response.

And let me say one more thing – because it cannot be said often enough.If you are a citizen of the EU who has made their life in this country, I know you will feel unsettled and nervous. But let me be clear that we value the contribution you make to the life of our country. You are welcome here.And I urge the negotiating teams to reach agreement on this quickly because we want you to stay.    

Whatever the outcome of our negotiations, Britain’s long-term future is bright. The British Dream is still within reach.For as we look to that future, we do so with the fundamentals of our country strong.

Ten years after Northern Rock, our economy is back on track. The deficit is back to pre-crisis levels, we are firmly on course to get our national debt falling and business investment is growing.The work to get there hasn’t been easy. It’s meant big decisions and huge sacrifices. I know the public sector has had to carry a heavy burden. The private sector has played its part too.But with government, businesses and the public sector working together, we have bounced back – creating record numbers of jobs, and getting more people into work than ever before.  

So while we will never hesitate to act where businesses aren’t operating as they should, let this party celebrate the wealth creators, the risk takers, the innovators and entrepreneurs – the businesses large and small – who generate jobs and prosperity for our country, and make British business the envy of the world.Because we understand that it is the wealth creators whose taxes fuel our public services. It is their success that funds the things we want to do. 

And the difference between us and Labour is that we understand that to deliver the things we want, private enterprise is crucial. That you can’t get something for nothing. Prosperity is key.And when politicians offer the earth but have no means of delivering their promises, disillusionment with politics only grows. 

So over the years ahead this government will adopt a balanced approach to the economy – dealing with our debts, keeping taxes low, but investing in our priorities too.Things like our vital public services, our schools, our police, housing, and our great national achievement, our NHS. Let us not forget that it is this party that has invested in the National Health Service and upheld its founding principles through more years in government than any other.

For we understand that the NHS doesn’t just bring us into this world, make us well if we fall ill, and nurse and care for our families through their final hours. It doesn’t just bear witness to moments of joy and to times of intense sorrow. It is the very essence of solidarity in our United Kingdom. An institution we value. A symbol of our commitment to each other, between young and old, those who have and those who do not, the healthy and the sick. 

Like most people in this hall, it has been there for me when I have needed it. I have early childhood memories of visiting my family GP. More recently, it was the NHS that diagnosed my type 1 diabetes and taught me how to manage it so I could get on with my life. And in recent months, I have seen it at its most brilliant – in the world-class response shown by the doctors, nurses and paramedics when terrorists struck London and Manchester.

To them all – and indeed to the public servants everywhere who so often go unsung – let me say this: for your service, your hard work and for your dedication – thank you. So I rely on the NHS. I believe in the NHS. And because we believe in ensuring that a world class NHS will be there for generations to come, we will increase funding per head for every year of this parliament, we will oversee the biggest expansion in training for doctors and nurses, and we will always support the service to deliver safe, high quality care for all – free at the point of use. That’s what our balanced approach to the economy will help us to do.

With our economic foundation strong – and economic confidence restored – the time has come to focus on Britain’s next big economic challenge: to foster growth that works for everyone, right across our country. That means keeping taxes low, spreading prosperity to all corners of this United Kingdom, and getting out into the world to trade, export and help our economy grow.  

So as the world’s leading advocate for free markets and free trade, we will pursue new free trade agreements with countries around the world. As we roll out our modern industrial strategy, we will attract and invest in new high-paid, high-skilled jobs – spreading prosperity and opportunity to every part of this country. Tackling our economy’s weaknesses like low levels of productivity, backing our nation’s strengths, and bringing investment, jobs and opportunities to communities that feel they have been forgotten for far too long.

We will continue to reform education and skills training so that people growing up in Britain today are ready and able to seize the opportunities ahead. Starting in our schools – those great drivers of social mobility – where our record is strong and our legacy is proud. Because our reforms are working. And after years of stagnation under the last Labour Government, we are turning things around. But there is more to do. Our reform programme goes on. Because it’s simply not good enough that if you live here in the North, you have less chance of attending a good school than someone living in the South.

So we will extend the Free Schools programme for a new generation of young people – building 100 new Free Schools in every year of this Parliament. Not because our ideology says so… but because Free Schools work. And it’s the right thing to do.   

And we need to bring that same energy to skills training too. Preparing our young people for the world of the future. Setting them up to succeed. Taking skills seriously with new T-levels for post-16 education, a new generation of Technology Institutes in every major city in England – providing the skills local employers need, and more technical training for 16-19 year olds. A first-class technical education system for the first time in the history of Britain. Keeping the British Dream alive.

That’s how we will prepare Britain for an open, global future. I know that some young people worry that Brexit means we’re turning our back on the world. That Britain will no longer be open, but closed. But we reject both the isolationism of the hard-left and those who would have us turn inward, and we choose a global Britain instead.

As Asia booms and the world looks to the East, we will reach beyond the borders of Europe to become a trusted friend to nations all around the world. We will meet our commitments to international security, with the finest armed forces and intelligence services anywhere on the planet. We will build an outward looking Britain that cooperates with other nations to tackle the great challenges of our time like mass migration, modern slavery and climate change. And we will provide a moral lead in the world, and set an example for others.

Meeting our commitments on security: committing fully to the NATO alliance and spending 2% of our GDP on defence. Remaining firmly committed to renewing our independent nuclear deterrent, to help uphold the security of the world. And leading the world in cracking down on modern slavery – because if you are buying and selling another human being, you are undermining all that is right. The very basis of our humanity.And we must bring this outrage to an end. 

And under this government, we will continue to meet the international aid target, spending 0.7% of our GNI on international development. That’s not just because it’s good for Britain, but because it is the right thing to do.

Today, UK Aid is being used to bring food to starving children in conflict zones like Syria and Iraq. UK Aid is being used to bring water to drought stricken parts of Africa. UK Aid is helping to educate women and girls in parts of Asia where that most basic of human rights has been denied to them for so long. Yes, charity may begin at home, but our compassion is not limited to those who carry the same passport. We should be proud that under a Conservative Government, this country is one of the few that is meeting its duty to some of the poorest people in our world. And as Prime Minister, I will ensure that’s something Britain always continues to do.

But let me also be clear: it is absurd that international organisations say we can’t use the money to help all those that have been hit by the recent Hurricanes in the British Overseas Territories. Many people on those islands have been left with nothing. And if we must change the rules on international aid in order to recognise the particular needs of these communities when disaster strikes, then that’s what we will do.

This then is the Britain we choose. Not a Britain that retreats behind its borders, but a global Britain that stands tall in the world. A beacon of hope and an example to others. A modern, compassionate Britain that we can all be proud to call home.

And we must renew the British Dream at home through a determined programme of economic and social reform. A programme that champions our belief in free markets by being prepared to reform them when they don’t work. That ensures our economy and society work for everyone in every part of this country, not just the privileged few. Because for too many, the British Dream feels increasingly out of reach. 

The effects of the financial crisis – nearly a decade of low growth, stagnating wages and pay restraint – linger. The boom in the housing market means that while some have done very well, for many the chance of getting onto the housing ladder has become a distant dream. And it’s that fact, perhaps more than any other, that means for too many the British Dream is increasingly out of reach.

Just over a decade ago, 59% of 25-34 year olds owned their own home. Today it is just 38%. It has always been a great sadness for me and Philip that we were never blessed with children. It seems some things in life are just never meant to be. But I believe in the dream that life should be better for the next generation as much as any mother. Any father. Any grandparent. The only difference is that I have the privileged position of being able to do more than most to bring that dream to life.

So I will dedicate my premiership to fixing this problem – to restoring hope. To renewing the British Dream for a new generation of people. And that means fixing our broken housing market. 

For 30 or 40 years we simply haven’t built enough homes. As a result, prices have risen so much that the average home now costs almost 8 times average earnings. And that’s been a disaster for young people in particular. We have begun to put this right. The number of new homes being delivered each year has increased significantly since 2010. Our Housing White Paper set out plans to increase it further, ensuring councils release more land for housing, and giving them new powers to ensure that developers actually build homes once they’re given planning permission to do so. And because it will take time for greater housebuilding to translate into more affordable house prices, we have introduced schemes like Help to Buy to support people who are struggling right now.

But the election result showed us that this is not nearly enough. We’ve listened and we’ve learned. So this week, the Chancellor announced that we will help over 130,000 more families with the deposit they need to buy their own home by investing a further £10 billion in Help to Buy.

We have announced measures to give the increasing number of families who rent from a private landlord more security – and effective redress if their landlord is not maintaining their property. And today, I can announce that we will invest an additional £2 billion in affordable housing – taking the Government’s total affordable housing budget to almost £9 billion.

 We will encourage councils as well as housing associations to bid for this money and provide certainty over future rent levels. And in those parts of the country where the need is greatest, allow homes to be built for social rent, well below market level. Getting government back into the business of building houses. A new generation of council houses to help fix our broken housing market. So whether you’re trying to buy your own home, renting privately and looking for more security, or have been waiting for years on a council list, help is on the way.

It won’t be quick or easy, but as Prime Minister I am going to make it my mission to solve this problem. I will take personal charge of the government’s response, and make the British Dream a reality by reigniting home ownership in Britain once again. 

And let me say one more thing. I want to send the clearest possible message to our house builders. We, the government, will make sure the land is available. We’ll make sure our young people have the skills you need. In return, you must do your duty to Britain and build the homes our country needs.

And to renew the British Dream for a new generation of young people we must also take action on student debt. As Conservatives, we know education can be the key to unlocking the future. That’s why for more than a century, it has been Conservative Education Secretaries who have driven the reforms that have widened access and raised standards. And it’s why we want everyone to have the opportunity to benefit from studying more after they leave school. Because it’s good for them and good for the country too.

But today, young people take on a huge amount of debt to do so. And if we’re honest, some don’t know what they get from it in return.

We have listened and we have learned. So we will undertake a major review of university funding and student financing. We will scrap the increase in fees that was due next year, and freeze the maximum rate while the review takes place. And we will increase the amount graduates can earn before they start repaying their fees to £25,000 – putting money back into the pockets of graduates with high levels of debt. 

For while we are in favour of free markets, we will always take action to fix them when they’re broken. We will always take on monopolies and vested interests when they are holding people back. And one of the greatest examples in Britain today is the broken energy market.

Because the energy market punishes loyalty with higher prices. And the most loyal customers are often those with lower incomes: the elderly, people with lower qualifications and people who rent their homes. Those who for whatever reason, are unable to find the time to shop around. That’s why next week, this Government will publish a Draft Bill to put a price cap on energy bills. Meeting our manifesto promise.  And bringing an end to rip-off energy prices once and for all.

So we have a big task before us. An agenda to follow. A duty to uphold. To renew the British Dream for a new generation, and bring our country together again. For a country that’s divided can never make the most of its potential. And we need to harness that potential if we’re to compete and succeed in the years ahead.

That’s why where others seek to bring division, we must stand united. Recognising as Jo Cox put it that we have more in common than what divides us. It’s why I will always be proud to call myself a Unionist – and proud to be the leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party too. Because that word means something special to me. It stands for this great union of nations that has so much to offer the world. And it stands for this great union of people – people from all over the world who have made their homes here and are proud to call themselves British. Attracted by the strength of the British Dream. We are an example to the world of how people of different colours and creeds can live side-by-side. And we celebrate that. 

And as a proud Unionist, I take comfort that the General Election saw the threat of nationalism set back, the case for a second referendum in Scotland denied. And wasn’t it a brilliant result for the Scottish Conservatives and their superb leader, Ruth Davidson?

Together, quite simply, we are stronger. So we must unite the country around our Conservative vision of a global, prosperous Britain in which the British Dream is alive. That means showing that we’re determined to make a difference. To doing something, not being someone. To doing our duty by Britain again. Because people are fed-up with the game-playing, the name-calling. The refusal to listen to the other’s point of view. We can look around the world and see where this approach to politics gets us – anger, recrimination and polarisation too.

So we must – all of us – look inside. Consider how we conduct our politics in this country. And find a better way. For there is a big problem in our politics when an MP from one party refuses to be friends with those of another. There is a problem in our politics when a leading journalist from our national broadcaster has to hire bodyguards just to be able to do her job. There is a problem when one of our two great political parties is so riven with the stain of anti-semitism that even one of its own council leaders questions if they will be welcome in his city again.

Let me be clear: racism, intolerance and hatred has no place in British politics or British society. This party will never permit it. We will always stamp it out. Britain can do better than this. For this country is – and has always been – the home of tolerance, a bastion of freedom and a beacon of democracy. And this city of Manchester knows it better than anyone. Because four months ago, this city came under attack from those who hate our country and despise our values.

The liberty we extend to everyone, whoever they are and wherever they are from. The way in which our society is open, accepting, and tolerant of others. The fact that we celebrate diversity and champion difference. The way we encourage people from all backgrounds and beliefs to live their lives in freedom. To be all they want to be. And because of this hatred, they chose to take out their rage on the defenceless and vulnerable. The innocent and the young.

Let us be in no doubt: the responsibility for such an outrage lies with no one other than those who planned it, and those who saw it through. And this party, which knows the terrible toll of terrorism all too well, will never seek to justify or excuse such acts of terror. We will stand strong in the face of terrorism and ensure our values always prevail.

But what we remember most from the cowardly attack on the Manchester Arena is the response of the Spirit of Manchester. People throwing open their doors to strangers, giving them a place to shelter. Taxi drivers helping people get home safely, accepting no fare in return. Ordinary people rushing to the scene of destruction. Putting themselves in harm’s way. The incredible men and women of the emergency services running towards the carnage, while others dropped what they were doing and went back to work to help.

But above all, an image of a community coming together. Men and women, young and old, black and white, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Jew, standing together as one. And it was that image of this city – an image of modern Britain in all its diversity, compassion and strength – that was shared around the globe.

And it said something about us. It said that this is modern Britain. A country of promise, of potential, of hope. And perhaps we too easily forget that. But we must hold on to that essential truth.For we are a nation of dreamers, with the capacity to deliver those dreams too.

Cities like Manchester were the pioneers that fired the industrial revolution, helping to make Britain the workshop of the world. And it’s this heritage that means today we export to and trade with nations in every corner of the globe. It was here in Britain that we discovered the structure of DNA, the biological code for life. All the technologies for sequencing the human genome have been developed in this country. And today we are using this knowledge to improve human health.

Back in the 1970s it was scientists in Oxford who invented the lithium ion battery which powers all laptops and mobile phones. Today we continue to be pioneers in this sector, funding new battery technologies for electric cars and renewable energy. Technologies we will soon be exporting around the world. Within a few hundred yards of here you will find the world’s first passenger railway station. And a few hundred yards beyond that a new research facility to develop the extraordinary material Graphene, for which two scientists here in Manchester won the Nobel prize.

And let me say this to George Osborne – you were right to back it as part of the Northern Powerhouse and this Government will back it too. So the future is bright, our potential is great, and if we choose the right path, the British Dream can be renewed. So let us do our duty by Britain. Let us shape up and give the country the government it needs.   

For beyond this hall, beyond the gossip pages of the newspapers, and beyond the streets, corridors and meeting rooms of Westminster, life continues – the daily lives of working people go on. Many pay little attention to great conferences and gatherings like this. They get up early and go to work. They want to know their job is going to last and that they are going to get paid a fair wage. They want to know that the school their children go to is the best it can be. That they will be cared for when they fall ill. That they will have safety and security as they advance towards old age. 

And they want to believe in the British Dream: that their children will do better than themselves. That they will have the opportunity to lead happy, successful, secure lives. That they will have the chance to be all they want to be. These are the priorities that it is our duty to respond to. The priorities of working people up and down this land. And they must be our only focus.

Not worrying about our job security, but theirs. Not addressing our concerns, but the issues, the problems, the challenges, that concern them. Not focusing on our future, but on the future of their children and their grandchildren – doing everything we can to ensure their tomorrow will be better than our today.  

That is what I am in politics for. To make a difference. To change things for the better. To hand on to the next generation a country that is stronger, fairer and more prosperous. And to renew the British Dream for a new generation again.

None of this will be easy. There will be obstacles and barriers along the way. But it has never been my style to hide from a challenge, to shrink from a task, to retreat in the face of difficulty, to give up and turn away. For the test of a leader is how you respond when tough times come upon you. When faced with challenge, if you emerge stronger. When confronted with adversity, if you find the will to pull through.  And it is when tested the most that we reach deep within ourselves and find that our capacity to rise to the challenge before us may well be limitless.

That is the story of our party. That is the story of our country. And that is the resolve and determination we need as we turn to face the future today.

So let us go forward together. Confident in our values. Clear in our vision. Sure in our purpose. With a rich, ambitious agenda to follow. A bold, exciting mission to pursue. Let us fulfil our duty to the British people.Let us fulfil our duty to our country. Let us fulfil our duty to Britain. Let us renew the British Dream.

Theresa May’s Conservative conference speech, full text

四十多年前,在牛津郡的一个小村庄,我签署了保守党的成员。 我这样做是因为有一个想法来建立一个更好的英国的党。 它了解了看到他们所需要的艰苦的工作和纪律。 它的心中有一个简单的承诺,对我说,我的价值观和我的愿望:我们每个新一代应该能够建立一个更美好的未来。 每一代都应该生活在英国梦中。 那个梦是我相信的。 但是今年早些时候的大选呢是四四十年以后呢,对于我们这个梦想感到遥远的太多人来说,我们党的执行能力是有问题的,英国梦想激发了几代英国人的感觉越来越多够不着。 现在我打电话给那个选举。 而且我知道,这个大厅里的所有人 - 你的朋友和你的家人都在白天和晚上工作,以确保正确的结果。 由于您的辛勤工作,我们获得了230万张投票,并在34年内获得了最高的投票份额。 如果没有漫长的日子和深夜,电话就不可能,宣传单就会下降。 周末和晚上敲门。 所以对于你做的一切,让我说 - 谢谢你。 但是我们没有得到我们想要的胜利,因为我们的国家运动不足。 它太脚印了。 太总统了 而且,当公众想要听到一个变化的信息的时候,工党可以把我们当成连贯的声音。 我举起手来。 我承担责任 我领导了这个运动。 对不起, 但现在摆在我们面前的选择是明确的: 我们放弃,花时间回头看吗? 还是我们履行我们的职责,展望未来,给国家政府呢? 如果我们得出这个决定是错误的,这个国家会严肃地判断我们。 因为所有这些都应该驱使我们是我们对英国的责任和这个保守党这个保守党的历史使命 - 在每一代人中重申英国梦。 这个梦想说,每一代人应该做得比以前更好。 每个时代都应该比最后一个更好。 这个梦想,几十年来,激发了来自世界各地的人来到英国。 在英国做家园 在英国建立自己的生活 这个梦想意味着巴基斯坦公共汽车司机的儿子在一个保守的内阁,与伦敦西南部一个议会的一个单身母亲的儿子一起服役。 在某种程度上,这个梦想也是我的故事。 我知道人们以为我不是很情绪化。 我不是那种穿袖子的人。 而我不介意被称为“冰少女”的东西 - 尽管也许乔治·奥斯本(George Osborne)的比喻有点远。 但让我告诉你一些事情。 我的祖母是一位国内的仆人,他在楼梯下面担任女仆的女仆。 她努力工作,做出牺牲,因为她相信她的家人有更美好的未来。 那位女士的仆人 - 她的孙女中有三位教授和总理。 这就是为什么英国梦想激励着我。 为什么世代之间的进步梦想激励着我。 这就是为什么今天在这个会议上,这个保守党呢肯定会再次在这个国家续约英国梦。 重申这个梦想是我在政治上的目的。 我的原因。 推动我的事情。 它从来没有通过美好的时光和艰难的时刻摇摆不定。 我认为这个保守党政府可以更新它一直保持强劲。 对于每当我们作为一个国家进行测试时,这个派对就会升格为板。 七年前,我们面临的挑战是修复劳工大衰退的损失 - 而且我们也做到了这一点。 赤字下降。 支出受到控制。 而我们的经济又在增长。 但是我们并没有限制自己的这种野心。 我们已经取得了更多的成就。 为3000多万人减免所得税。 完全支付了四百万。 就业创历史新高。 失业率下降到历史低点。 收入差距达三十年来最低。 更多的妇女在工作比以往任何时候。 我们的NHS中有超过11,000名医生。 我们医院病房有11000多名护士。 3岁至4岁的免费儿童保育加倍。 优秀或优秀学校的儿童有180万人。 300万以上的学徒制。 犯罪下降了三分之一以上。 来自弱势群体背景的更多年轻人比我国历史上任何时候都要上大学。 英国领导世界应对气候变化,消除全球贫困,打击恐怖主义无处不在。 法律上的同性婚姻,让两个相爱的人可以结婚,无论他们的性别如何? 还有一个国民生活工资 - 为最低收入者提供加薪 - 不是由工党提出的,而是我们保守党。 所以让我们永远不要让左派假装垄断同情心。 这是保守党政府可以做的 - 我们绝对不应该让任何人忘记。 但是,当你在政府一段时间内陷入捍卫你的记录的陷阱,并且站在现状时,这很容易。 是的,我们为我们所取得的进步感到自豪,但世界并不平静。 随着以色列教我们,变化是不变的,是不可避免的。 我们必须屈服于我们的意志。 这意味着要制定一个英国的议程,并将其统一在一起。 我在第一天作为总理提出的议程仍然是。 它在我里面燃烧一样。 因为它的核心在于扫除不公正 - 对英国梦的一些障碍正在越来越多。 关于说什么重要事情不在于你或你父母的身份。 你皮肤的颜色。 无论你是男人还是女人,富人或穷人。 从内城或富裕的郊区。 你在生活中有多远,应该取决于你和你的努力。 这就是为什么在违反人民利益的时候,一直奉行既得利益。 呼吁那些滥用权力的人,给那些被忽视或沉默太久的人发出声音。 当人们问我为什么要把自己放在身后 - 漫长的时间,压力,批评和侮辱不可避免地与这份工作一起走 - 我告诉他们:我这样做是为了铲除不公正,给我们国家的一个人语音。 这就是为什么当我反思我在政治时期的时候,让我感到骄傲的事情不是我所持有的立场,我遇到的世界领导人,我曾经是伟大的全球聚会,而是知道我有所作为。 我帮助那些无法听到的人。 像96个男人,妇女和孩子们在希尔斯伯勒不幸生活的家属。 多年来,他们看到权威人士关闭了队伍,并对他们采取行动,但现在他们正在为正义服务。 这 就是我在这里。 像儿童性虐待的受害者和幸存者一样,多年来一直被强权的人忽视,现在已经走上了漫长的道路。 这 就是我在这里。 像亚历山大·保罗一样,三年前来到这次会议的年轻人讲述他的故事。 一个年轻的黑人男孩在现代英国长大的故事,没有造成任何麻烦 - 没有任何错误 - 发现自己被时间和时间的人们停下来搜查。 亚历山大雄辩地说了一下他的经历,他是如何不信任那些在权力上的人的。 以他的榜样为灵感,我们采取行动。 我们撼动了这个制度,被捕的黑人人数已经下降了三分之二以上。 我很遗憾不得不告诉你,去年,亚历山大 - 激发了我们所有人的激情 - 被诊断患有脑癌。 今年六月他悲剧性地去世了。 他只是21岁。让我们今天记住他在出席会议时所表现出的勇气,反对不公正,以我们给他一个平台的傲慢,并以他的榜样为灵感,加倍努力,给无声的声音每一个机会 这 就是我在这里。 同样的承诺就是为什么我首当其冲的首要任务之一就是要建立突破性的种族差距审计 - 调查一个人的种族如何影响到公共服务的待遇,以便我们采取行动和回应。 例如,我们已经知道,黑人和少数民族社区的成员具有较高的血压风险,例如高血压,可能导致器官移植的需要。 但是,帮助需要移植的人的能力受到器官捐献者数量的限制。 这就是为什么去年有500人死亡,因为没有合适的器官。 今天的移植列表有六千五百个。 所以为了解决影响我国所有社区的这一挑战,我们将改变这一制度。 改变推定器官捐赠的平衡。 代表最脆弱的人工作。 这 就是我在这里。 这就是为什么在Grenfell Tower看到难以想象的悲剧之后,我确信我们应该得到真相。 因为格伦费尔永远不会发生 - 也不可能再次发生。 所以我们必须学习经验教训:不仅要理解错误,而且为什么格仁福尔的人民的声音在这么多年里被忽视了。 这就是公众的调查。 如果发现任何个人或组织疏忽行事,则必须正义。 这 就是我在这里。 而且因为在这之前的其他灾难中,丧生和悲痛的家庭没有得到他们所需要的支持,所以我们将为重大灾难引进一个独立的公众倡导者。 倡导代表亲人家属在公开查询和调查中支持他们。 受害者需要强大的独立声音。 这 就是我在这里。 这就是为什么要解决与精神卫生有关的不公正和歧视是我的一个特别优先事项。 因此,我们正在建立在通过更多地投入心理健康方面给予心理和身体健康平等的纪录。 但是,普遍关注的是,三十年前通过的“心理健康法”现在导致服务不足,容易被滥用。 “精神卫生法”下的拘留率太高了。 黑人和少数民族人口最多也受到影响。 所以今天我可以宣布,我已经要求Simon Wessely教授对“心理健康法”进行独立审查,以便我们能够一劳永逸地解决我们心理健康系统长期存在的歧视不公正现象。 这 就是我在这里。 这就是我所相信的保守主义。保守主义的公平正义和机会。 保守主义,使英国梦变为新一代。 这 就是我在这里。 这 就是我们都必须 这样做的。 我们必须齐心协力,为这个主流的保守党议程作战。 再次赢得新一代思想的斗争。 对于那些想法正在测试。 危及我们的是我们珍视的东西。 我们珍贵的国际联盟 - 四强国家,都是以狭隘民族主义议程的人民为由驱使我们分开的。 我们社会的力量,我们明白我们所拥有的义务和责任,受到武装力量的攻击,他们宣扬仇恨和仇恨。 自由市场经济 - 长久以来我们的繁荣和安全的基础。 一个使全世界数百万人摆脱贫困的想法,被那些通过采取过去失败的实验危害未来的人质疑。 对正确的规则和条例运作的自由开放市场的想法对我们来说是宝贵的。 这是我们作为一个国家实现繁荣的手段,提高我们全体人民的生活水平。 它有助于巩固英国的影响力,成为世界良好的力量。 它支撑了基于规则的国际体系,帮助重建战后的欧洲和世界。 它迎来了柏林墙的倒塌; 共产主义的结束以及铁幕的黑暗日子; 确保欧洲和全球的自由进步。 激发了70年的繁荣,为全球数亿人提供了生活水准。 所以不要试着告诉我,自由市场不再适合目的。 不知何故,他们把人们抱回来。 不要试图告诉我们,他们鼓励的创新 - 他们带来的进步 - 手机,互联网,开创性的医疗治疗,世界各地自由旅行的能力 - 都不值得。 自由市场 - 自由,平等,权利,责任和法治的价值观 - 仍然是人类集体进步创造的最大代理人。 所以让我们为新一代赢得这个论据,并用自己的力量捍卫自由和开放的市场。 因为很少有一个时候,英国期货的选择如此明显。 双方的区别如此明确。 而保守党呢则是有一个开放,全球化,自信的英国的愿景,而我们的对手则以外交中立的态度来调情,准备跑上英镑。 有人说我们花了太多时间谈论杰里米·柯宾的过去。 所以让我们来谈谈他的礼物。 这是一个政客,只要我们需要他们最多地投资在我们国家,就要把税收纳税。 这是一位政治家,谁想借钱几千亿英镑,使行业国有化,而不用多少想法会花费多少,或者他将如何偿还。 这是一个政治家,谁想剥夺我们的核威慑,而不诚实的选民他的计划。 这是一个让反犹太主义,淫乱和仇恨自由的政客,而他不做一件事来阻止它。 这是一个政客,认为我们应该把委内瑞拉的经济学作为我们的榜样。 没有... Jeremy Corbyn。 相比之下,当我看着橱柜桌子时,我相信我们有一个充满才华,开朗和同情的团队。 一个坚定认为这个伟大的保守党这个党的团队将会共同应对未来的挑战。 一个确定我们将永远履行我们国家义务的团队。 我们的第一个也是最重要的职责就是让Brexit正确。 人民决定了 我们已经接受了教训。 英国于2019年3月离开欧盟。 我知道有些发现谈判令人沮丧。 但是,如果我们以合理和友谊的精神,正确地接触他们,我们的视野将坚定地前进 - 我相信我们会找到一个对英国和欧洲有效的协议。 让我们明白我们寻求的协议。 这是我今年早些时候在兰开斯特议院和我十天前在佛罗伦萨发表演讲的协议。 这是一个强大,成功的欧盟与英国主权之间的新的深度和特殊的伙伴关系。 一个伙伴关系,使我们能够继续进行交流和合作,因为我们看到共同的挑战和机会。 而是确保英国再次成为主权国家的伙伴关系。 英国人坚决控制的国家 我认为,为了所有的利益,我们深信谈判要取得成功。 但是我知道有些人担心,无论我们是否准备好,他们不会。 作为政府,我们有责任为每一个可能性做好准备。 让我放心,在这个大厅里,这正是我们正在做的事情。 所以我们的雄心壮志和我们的优惠是一个深刻而又特别的伙伴 我期待着这个提议得到积极的回应。 让我再说一件事 - 因为不能说经常。 如果你是在这个国家生活的欧盟公民,我知道你会感到不安和紧张。 但是让我清楚,我们重视你对我们国家生活的贡献。 欢迎你来这里 而且我呼吁谈判小组很快达成协议,因为我们希望你留下来。 无论谈判结果如何,英国的长远未来都是光明的。 英国梦仍然可以接近。 因为在我们展望未来的时候,我们这样做是因为我们国家的基础强大。 北岩十年后,我们的经济回到正轨。 赤字回到了危机前的水平,我们坚定地要求我们的国债下降,商业投资也在增长。 到达那里的工作并不容易。 这意味着巨大的决定和巨大的牺牲。 我知道公共部门不得不承担沉重的负担。 私营部门也发挥了作用。 但是,随着政府,企业和公共部门的共同努力,我们已经反弹 - 创造了创纪录的就业机会,使更多的人比以往任何时候都更加努力。 所以当我们永远不要犹豫的时候,企业不应该按照自己的方式运作,让这个党庆祝创造者,风险承担者,创新者和企业家 - 大小企业 - 为我们国家创造就业和繁荣,使英国企业成为世界的羡慕。 因为我们明白,财富创造者的税收对我们的公共服务产生了影响。 他们的成功是资助我们想要做的事情。 而我们与劳工之间的区别在于我们明白,为了交付我们想要的东西,民营企业至关重要。 你不能得到什么东西。 繁荣是关键。 当政客提供地球,但没有办法履行承诺的时候,政治幻灭只会增长。 所以在未来的岁月里,这个政府将采取平衡的经济方式 - 处理我们的债务,保持税收低,但也投资于我们的优先事项。 像我们重要的公共服务,我们的学校,我们的警察,住房和我们伟大的国家成就,我们的NHS。 我们不要忘记,投资国家卫生服务的这个党,比政府多年来坚持自己的创始原则。 因为我们明白,NHS不仅仅是把我们带入这个世界,如果我们生病了,我们就会很好,在最后几个小时护理和照顾我们的家庭。 它不仅仅是看到快乐的时刻和激烈的悲伤的时刻。 在我们的英国,这是团结一致的本质。 我们重视的机构 我们对彼此的承诺,年轻人和老年人,没有健康和病人的承诺的象征。 像这个大厅里的大多数人一样,当我需要它时,它一直在我身边。 我有早年的回忆,访问我的家庭GP。 最近,这是NHS诊断我的1型糖尿病,教我如何管理它,所以我可以继续我的生活。 近几个月来,当恐怖分子袭击伦敦和曼彻斯特时,医生,护士和医护人员都表现出最辉煌的世界级反应。 对他们而言,对所有经常无声的公务员而言,让我这样说:为了你的服务,你的辛勤工作和你的奉献 - 谢谢你。 所以我依靠NHS。 我相信NHS。 而且因为我们相信要确保世界级的NHS将会在世世代代,所以我们每年都会增加这个议会的资金,我们将监督医生和护士训练的最大的扩张,我们将一直支持该服务在使用点上免费提供安全,高质量的护理。 这就是我们平衡的经济方式将有助于我们做的事情。 随着经济基础的强大和经济信心的恢复 - 现在是关注英国下一个重大经济挑战的时候了:在全国各地促进对每个人都有效的增长。 这意味着要低税收,把繁荣扩大到这个英国的各个角落,走出去进行贸易,出口和帮助我们的经济增长的世界。 作为世界领先的自由市场和自由贸易倡导者,我们将与世界各国签署新的自由贸易协定。 随着我们推出现代工业战略,我们将吸引和投资新的高收入,高技能的工作 - 向全国各地传播繁荣和机会。 解决我们经济的弱点,如低生产力水平,支持我们国家的优势,并将投资,就业机会和社区感到被遗忘了太久。 我们将继续改革教育和技能培训,使今天在英国长大的人们已经准备好了,抓住机遇。 从我们的学校开始 - 社会流动的伟大推动力 - 我们的纪录很强大,我们的遗产令人骄傲。 因为我们的改革正在努力。 在最后一个劳工政府经过多年的停滞之后,我们正在扭转局面。 但还有更多的事情要做。 我们的改革方案继续下去。 因为这样做不够好,如果你住在北方,你的生活在南方的人的机会比没有一个好学校的机会要少。 因此,我们将扩大新一代年轻人的免费学校计划 - 每年在议会建立100所新的免费学校。 不是因为我们的意识形态这么说,而是因为自由学校的工作。 这是正确的事情。 而且我们也需要把同样的能量带入技能训练。 为我们的年轻人准备未来的世界。 设置它们成功。 认真学习新的T级16级教育技能,英国每个主要城市的新一代技术研究所 - 提供当地雇主所需的技能,以及16-19岁的更多技术培训。 英国历史上第一次建立一流的技术教育体系。 保持英勇梦想。 这就是为什么准备英国开放的全球未来。 我知道有些年轻人担心,布雷克西特意味着我们要回到世界。 英国不再是开放的,而是关闭了。 但是,我们反对强硬左派的孤立主义和那些让我们转向内向的人,而是选择一个全球性的英国。 随着亚洲的繁荣和世界向东方向前进,我们将超越欧洲的边界,成为世界各国值得信赖的朋友。 我们将履行我们对国际安全的承诺,同时也是地球上任何地方最优秀的武装力量和情报机构。 我们将建立一个外向型英国,与其他国家合作,应对大众移民,现代奴隶制和气候变化等时代的巨大挑战。 我们将在世界上提供道德上的领导,为别人树立榜样。 履行我们在安全方面的承诺:充分履行北约联盟,将国内生产总值的2%用于防务。 继续坚定不移地重申我们独立的核威慑力量,维护世界的安全。 引导世界打击现代奴隶制 - 因为如果你买卖另一个人,你就会破坏一切正确的一切。 我们人性的基础。 我们必须结束这个愤怒。 在这个政府下,我们将继续实现国际援助目标,将国民总收入的0.7%用于国际发展。 这不仅仅是因为它对英国是有好处的,而是因为这是正确的事情。 今天,英国援助机构正在利用这些资源向叙利亚和伊拉克等冲突地区的饥饿儿童提供食物。 英国援助正用于向非洲的旱灾地区提供水。 英国援助组织正在帮助亚洲部分地区的妇女和女童进行教育,那里最基本的人权被剥夺了这么长时间。 是的,慈善机构可能在家里开始,但我们的同情心并不限于那些携带同一护照的人。 我们应该为保守党政府感到自豪,这个国家是对世界上一些最贫穷的人民履行职责的少数国家之一。 作为总理,我将确保这是英国一直在继续做的事情。 但我也要说清楚一点:国际组织说我们不能用这笔钱来帮助那些受到最近在英国海外领土飓风袭击的人呢,这是荒谬的。 这些岛上的许多人都没有留下任何东西。 如果我们必须改变国际援助的规定,以便在灾害发生时认识到这些社区的特殊需要,那么这就是我们要做的。 那就是我们选择的英国。 不是一个英国退缩在边界之外,而是一个在世界上高居榜首的全球英国。 一个希望的灯塔和一个例子给别人。 一个现代的,富有同情心的英国,我们都可以自豪地打电话回家。 我们必须通过一个坚定的经济和社会改革方案,在英国续约英国梦。 一个程序,通过在不工作的时候准备好对自由市场进行改革来支持我们对自由市场的信念。 这确保了我们的经济和社会为这个国家每个人的每个人工作,而不仅仅是特权少数人。 因为太多,英国梦觉得越来越无法接触。 金融危机的影响 - 近十年的低增长,停滞的工资和薪资限制 - 徘徊。 住房市场的繁荣意味着,虽然有些人做得很好,但很多机会进入住房阶梯已经成为一个遥远的梦想。 而事实上,也许比其他任何事情更多,这意味着英国梦的太多越来越无法实现。 十多年前,25-34岁的年龄的59%拥有自己的家。 今天只有38%。 我和菲利普一直非常悲伤,我们从来没有祝福过孩子。 看来,生活中的一些事情从来就不会是这样。 但我相信梦想,生命应该比下一代更好,像任何母亲一样。 任何父亲 任何祖父母 唯一的区别是,我有能力做出更多的事情来使梦想成真的特权。 所以我会奉献我的总理来解决这个问题 - 恢复希望。 为新一代人更新英梦。 这意味着我们破坏了房屋市场。 30或40年,我们根本没有建立足够的家园。 因此,价格上涨了如此之高,平均家庭 平均收入 几乎是 8倍 。 这对年轻人来说是一场灾难。 我们已经开始说这个了。 自2010年以来,每年交付的新房数量大幅增加。 我们的房屋白皮书规定了进一步增加的计划,确保市政府释放更多的住房用地,并赋予他们新的权力,确保开发商实际建房,重新给予规划许可。 而由于需要时间让更多的房屋建筑转化为更实惠的房价,所以我们引入了“帮助购买”这样的计划来支持现在正在挣扎的人们。 但选举结果显示,这还不够。 我们已经听了,我们学到了。 所以本星期,校长宣布,通过再投资100亿英镑帮助购买,我们将帮助超过13万家庭拥有自己的住房所需的存款。 我们已经宣布采取措施,让私人房东租金越来越多的家庭得到更多的安全保障 - 如果业主没有维持财产,就能有效地补救。 今天,我可以宣布,我们将再投资20亿英镑的经济适用住房 - 将政府的总体经济适用房预算用于近90亿英镑。 我们会鼓励议会和房屋协会投标这笔钱,并确定未来的租金水平。 在需要最大的国家的那些地方,允许家庭建立社会租金,远低于市场水平。 让政府重建房屋的业务。 新一代的理事会房屋,帮助我们解决房地产市场的破裂。 所以,无论你是想买自己的房子,私下租赁,寻找更多的安全,还是等待多年的理事会名单,帮助就在路上。 这不会快速或容易,但作为总理,我将使我的任务是解决这个问题。 我会个人收取政府的回应,并通过在英国重新统治自置居所,使英梦成为现实。 让我再说一遍。 我想向我们的房屋建造者发送最清晰的信息。 我们,政府,将确保土地可用。 我们会确保我们的年轻人有你需要的技能。 作为回报,你必须履行你对英国的责任,建立我们国家需要的家园。 并为英国梦再新一代的年轻人,我们也必须对学生债务采取行动。 作为保守主义者,我们知道教育是解放未来的关键。 这就是为什么一个多世纪以来,保守派教育部长一直在推动改革进一步扩大和提高标准。 这就是为什么我们希望每个人都有机会在离开学校后从更多的学习中受益。 因为它对他们有好处,对国家也很好。 但是今天,年轻人却承担了巨额的债务。 如果我们诚实,有些人不知道他们从中得到什么。 我们听了,我们已经学到了。 所以我们将对大学资助和学生融资进行重大审查。 我们会废除明年到期的收费增加,并在检讨时冻结最高利率。 在开始偿还费用到25,000英镑之前,我们将增加毕业生可以赚取的金额,将钱放回高额债务的毕业生的口袋里。 因为在我们赞成自由市场的时候,我们会一直采取行动来解决这个问题。 当人们重新回到家园时,我们将永远承担垄断和既得利益。 今天英国最伟大的例子之一就是破碎的能源市场。 因为能源市场以较高的价格惩罚忠诚度。 最忠实的客户往往是那些收入较低的人:老人,资历较差的人和出租房屋的人。 那些无论什么原因,无法找到时间去购物的人。 这就是为什么下周政府会出台条例草案,对能源法案作上限。 符合我们的宣言承诺 一劳永逸地结束了能源价格的下降。 所以我们面前有一个很大的任务。 要遵循的议程。 维护的义务 为新一代重申英梦,再次将国家带到一起。 一个分裂的国家永远不会充分发挥其潜力。 如果我们要在未来的岁月中竞争和取得成功,我们就需要利用这一潜力。 这就是为什么别人寻求分裂,我们必须团结一致。 认识到乔·考克斯认为,我们比分裂我们更多的共同点。 这就是为什么我会自豪地称自己是联盟主义者 - 也自豪地成为保守党和联盟党的领导人。 因为这个词意味着我特别的东西。 它代表着这个伟大的国家联盟,为世界提供了很多东西。 它代表着这个伟大的人民联盟 - 来自世界各地的人们,他们已经在这里做家园,自豪地称自己是英国人。 吸引了英国梦的力量。 我们是世界上不同颜色和信条的人们可以并肩生活的榜样。 我们庆祝了。 作为一个骄傲的联盟主义者,我感到安慰的是,大选威胁到了民族主义的威胁,苏格兰第二次公民投票被拒绝。 苏格兰保守派及其高超的领袖露丝戴维森呢,这不是一个辉煌的成果吗? 在一起,很简单,我们就更坚强。 所以我们必须团结一下围绕我们的保守党对一个全球繁荣的英国梦想的想法。 这意味着表明我们决心有所作为。 做某事,不是一个人。 再次对英国的责任。 因为人们厌倦了玩游戏,名字叫。 拒绝听对方的观点。 我们可以看看世界各地,看看这个政治方法在哪里得到我们 - 愤怒,指责和极化。 所以我们必须 - 我们所有人 - 看里面。 考虑我们如何在这个国家进行政治。 并找到更好的方法。 因为一党的议员拒绝与另一党的朋友成为朋友,所以政治上有很大的问题。 当我们的国家广播公司的主要记者必须雇用保镖才能够做她的工作时,我们的政治就有一个问题。 当我们两个伟大的政党当中有一个与反犹太主义的污点相互冲突时,就有一个问题,即使是自己的议会领导人也会质疑他们是否会在他的城市再次受到欢迎。 让我清楚:种族主义,不容忍和仇恨在英国政治或英国社会中没有地位。 这个党永远不会允许的。 我们总是把它盖上去。 英国可以做得比这更好。 对于这个国家来说,一直是宽容的家园,一个自由的堡垒和一个民主的灯塔。 曼城这个城市比任何人都好。 因为四个月前,这座城市受到憎恨我们国家的鄙视,鄙视我们的价值观念。 我们向大家提供的自由,无论他们是谁,无论他们来自哪里。 我们社会开放,接受和容忍别人的方式。 事实上,我们庆祝多样性和冠军的差异。 我们鼓励所有背景和信仰的人在自由中过着自己的生活。 成为他们想要的一切。 而且由于这种仇恨,他们选择了对手无寸铁和脆弱的人的愤怒。 无辜和年轻。 我们毫无疑问地说:这样一个愤怒的责任在于除了那些计划的人,还有那些看到它的人。 知道恐怖主义的恐怖主义的这个党呢,太可惜了,不会为这种恐怖行为辩解或辩解。 面对恐怖主义,我们将坚定不移,确保我们的价值观永远占上风。 但是,从曼彻斯特竞技场的懦弱攻击中我们最记得的就是曼彻斯特精神的回应。 人们向陌生人敞开大门,给他们一个避难所的地方。 出租车司机帮助人们安全回家,不收取票价。 普通人冲到现场的破坏。 冒着伤害的方式。 紧急服务的难以置信的男性和女性向大屠杀奔跑,而其他人则下降了他们正在做的工作并重新开始工作。 但最重要的是,社区的形象聚集在一起。 男女老少,黑白,穆斯林,基督教,锡克教,印度教,犹太人,一起站在一起。 正是这个城市的形象 - 现代英国的形象,其多样性,同情心和力量 - 在全球共享。 它说了一些关于我们的事情。 说这是现代英国。 一个有希望的国家,有希望的潜力。 也许我们也很容易忘记。 但我们必须坚持这个基本的道理。 因为我们是一个梦想家国,也有能力提供这些梦想。 像曼彻斯特这样的城市是开创工业革命的先驱者,帮助英国成为世界车间。 正是这种传统意味着今天我们出口到世界各个角落的国家和贸易。 在英国,我们发现DNA的结构,生命的生物代码。 人类基因组测序的所有技术都是在这个国家开发的。 今天我们正在使用这些知识来改善人类的健康。 早在20世纪70年代,牛津大学的科学家就发明了锂离子电池,为所有笔记本电脑和手机提供电源。 今天,我们继续成为这一领域的先驱,资助电动汽车和可再生能源的新电池技术。 技术我们很快将在世界各地出口。 在这里几百码之内,你会发现世界上第一个客运火车站。 除了一个新的研究设施,开发了非凡材料石墨烯,几百码,曼彻斯特的两位科学家在这里赢得了诺贝尔奖。 让我对乔治·奥斯本说,你是正确的,把它作为北方力量的一部分,这个政府也会支持它。 所以未来是光明的,我们的潜力是巨大的,如果我们选择正确的道路,英国梦可以更新。 所以让我们履行英国的职责。 让我们塑造和给国家政府所需要的。 除了这个大厅之外,除了报纸的八卦之外,威斯敏斯特街道,走廊和会议室外,生活还在继续 - 劳动人民的日常生活继续下去。 许多人很少关注像这样的大型会议和聚会。 他们起床早点上班。 他们想知道他们的工作将持续下去,他们将得到一个公平的工资。 他们想知道他们孩子去的学校是最好的。 当他们生病时,他们将得到照顾。 当他们走向老年时,他们将有安全和保障。 他们想相信英国梦:他们的孩子会比自己更好。 他们将有机会领导快乐,成功,安全的生活。 他们将有机会成为他们想要的一切。 这些是我们有责任应对的优先事项。 工作人员在这个土地上下的优先事项。 而且他们一定是我们唯一的重点。 不用担心我们的工作安全,但他们的。 没有解决我们的问题,而是关心他们的问题,问题,挑战。 不关注我们的未来,而是关注孩子和孙子孙子的未来 - 尽我们所能确保他们的明天比我们今天更好。 那就是我在政治上。 要有所作为 改变事情为更好。 向下一代传递一个更加强大,公正和更加繁荣的国家。 并再次为英国梦再新一代。 这些都不容易。 一路上会有障碍和障碍。 但从来没有从我的风格中脱颖而出,从任务中缩小到面对困难退缩,放弃和转身。 对于领导者的考验,当你遇到艰难的时刻时,你是如何回应的。 面对挑战时,如果你变得更强壮 当遇到逆境时,如果你发现意志要通过。 当我们在自己深入的时候测试最多,发现我们迎接挑战面前的能力可能是无限的。 那就是我们党的故事。 那就是我们国家的故事。 这就是我们今天面对未来的决心和决心。 所以让我们一起前进。 对我们的价值观感到自信。 清楚我们的愿景 当然在我们的目的 拥有丰富而雄心勃勃的议程。 一个大胆,令人兴奋的使命追求。 让我们履行对英国人的责任。 让我们履行我们对我们国家的责任。 让我们履行我们对英国的责任。 让我们续约英国梦。