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Lars Leetaru
Lars Leetaru

纽约营养学家乔伊·鲍尔(Joy Bauer)说,当你在度假时,过度饮食的诱惑无处不在。





带着食物旅行 本身就经常出行的鲍尔出门一定会带上一大堆健康的零食,她也建议其他出门旅行的人效仿。“当你手边有自己喜欢的食物的时候,就不太可能去吃不健康的食物了,”她说。可选的东西包括像苹果这样的整颗水果、每份大小为四分之一杯的坚果、南瓜子和烤毛豆。(或者,考虑一下鲍尔的产品:名为“滋养”[Nourish]的燕麦卷小吃。)


快餐也可以是健康的 机场和高速公路休息站到处都是快餐厅,鲍尔说只要你点对了食物,它们并非是不能碰的。选择带有生菜和番茄(不要蛋黄酱)的烤鸡三明治和附餐沙拉。如果你喜欢汉堡,就点一个小肉饼,上面多放点儿生菜和番茄。无法抗拒薯条?那就点最小份,只吃一半。


在罗马,要有策略地挥霍 鲍尔说,尝尝当地的菜肴是任何一次度假令人心情愉快的部分。“你可以,也应该让自己每天吃一次‘作弊’食物,但要有选择性,挑选当地独特的风味,”她说。这意味着米兰的米兰小牛肉、缅因州的龙虾卷、法国的巧克力羊角包和泰国的泰式炒河粉。不管选择吃什么,份量都要适中,要细细品味每一口。

注意入口的饮品 饮料不能让你有饱腹感,而且不少饮品都饱含糖分和卡路里。鲍尔说全天都最好别喝加了糖的冰茶和柠檬水——果味气泡水是种颇具吸引力的替代之选。至于酒,包括玛格利塔在内的许多鸡尾酒很容易就会超过500卡路里。喝红酒或淡啤作为代替,或者试试糖分较低的调酒,比如伏特加配苏打水和一点果汁,或是金汤力酒。


How to Eat Healthy on a Trip

When you’re on vacation, the temptations to overdo the eating and drinking are everywhere, said the New York-based nutritionist Joy Bauer.

After all, the specialties of your destination, the buffet breakfast at your hotel and treats are always at the ready.

But Ms. Bauer said that a sensible diet doesn’t have to and shouldn’t fall by the wayside when on vacation.

“Overindulging will leave you feeling sluggish and likely with a few extra pounds, but if you know how to eat smartly, you can still eat enjoyably,” she said.

Below, Ms. Bauer’s tips on eating healthfully, yet pleasurably, on the next getaway.

TRAVEL WITH FOOD As a frequent traveler herself, Ms. Bauer never leaves home without a stash of healthy snacks and advised other travelers to do the same. “When you have food handy that you like eating, you’re far less likely to grab something unhealthy,” she said. Options include whole fruit such as apples, nuts already portioned in 1/4-cup serving sizes, pumpkin seeds and roasted edamame. (Or, consider Ms. Bauer’s line of granola bites, called Nourish.)

If you’re traveling by car, Ms. Bauer suggested taking a small cooler along filled with mess-free foods like hard-boiled eggs, string cheese and nut butter, or turkey sandwiches.

FAST FOOD CAN BE HEALTHY Fast-food restaurants abound at airports and at highway rest stops, and Ms. Bauer said that they’re not off-limits so long as you they order the right foods. Choose a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato (hold the mayo) and a side salad. If you enjoy hamburgers, order a single patty, and top it with extra lettuce and tomatoes. Can’t resist French fries? Order the smallest size, and eat half.

Ms. Bauer also said that several fast-food chains offer fruit-topped oatmeal and yogurt parfaits that make for satisfying and tasty snacks.

WHEN IN ROME, SPLURGE STRATEGICALLY Trying the local cuisine, Ms. Bauer said, is a pleasurable part of any vacation. “You can and should let yourself enjoy one ‘cheat’ food each day, but be selective and pick something that is unique to that destination,” she said. That could mean veal Milanese in Milan, a lobster roll in Maine, a chocolate croissant in France and pad thai in Thailand. Stick to a reasonable portion of whatever you choose, and savor every bite.

WATCH THOSE SIPS Drinks don’t fill you up, and many are packed with sugar and calories. Ms. Bauer said that it’s best to skip sweetened iced teas and lemonades throughout the day — seltzer flavored with fruit is an appealing alternative. When it comes to alcohol, many cocktails, including margaritas, can easily top 500 calories. Drink wine or a light beer instead. Or try a lower-sugar mixed drink such as vodka with club soda and a splash of fruit juice or a gin and tonic.