编辑:给力英语新闻 更新:2017年11月16日 作者:美国之音(VOA News)

美国之音华盛顿总部大楼门口的标牌A Voice of America sign is seen at the entrance to VOA's headquarters in Washington, D.C.


在回答媒体询问时,美国之音台长阿曼达·贝内特(Amanda Bennett)说:“美国之音对公开或个人的含种族主义、性歧视或政治偏见的社交媒体通讯持零容忍立场。我们的政策明确禁止这类行为。”


VOA Investigating Reports Staff Writer Posted Racist Comments Online

Voice of America is investigating media reports that a staff writer published racist, sexist and homophobic comments online under an alias. The journalist has been placed on administrative leave while the agency investigates the matter.

In response to media inquiries, VOA Director Amanda Bennett said, “Voice of America has zero tolerance for public or personal racist, sexist, or politically biased social media communications. Our policies make it very clear that such behavior is prohibited.”

VOA is an international media organization funded by the U.S. government that broadcasts approximately 1,500 hours of news, information, educational, and cultural programming every week to an estimated worldwide audience of 236 million people. The agency’s charter calls for it to be accurate, objective, and comprehensive.