What is the PRIMER program?

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PRIMER 1.0 is the first official release of a set of primer development tools that have been under development for several years.


PRIMER currently exists only as an MS-DOS program, requiring version 3.0 or later of MS-DOS.


It can take advantage of extended (or expanded) memory to a limited degree, but can also run on a 640K floppy-based laptop computer. As a minimum, the system must have either two floppy disk drives (with at least 720K each in capacity), or a single (at least 720K) floppy drive and a hard drive.

Access to the PRIMER program

Use the Set up other programs icon in the LinguaLinks startup group to install the PRIMER program on your hard disk. Once it is installed, you will find icons that will access the instruction manual in PDF format as well as the PRIMER program itself.


Alternately, find and launch the PRIMER.EXE file in the \SOFTWARE\PRIMER folder on the LinguaLinks CD-ROM. Access the instruction manual in the same folder with MANUAL.PDF.


You may also click here to access the instruction manual directly.


PRIMER: A tool for developing early reading materials



  • calculates primer sequences by analyzing a collection of textfiles, and then
  • uses those sequences (possibly modified by the user) to organize words and larger text units by teaching order.

This provides a person who is developing instructional materials with useful information. The program is very flexible and should be able to support a variety of pedagogical approaches.

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