What is in-service training?

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In-service training is education for employees to help them develop their skills in a specific discipline or occupation. In-service training takes place after an individual begins work responsibilities. Most typically, in-service training is conducted during a break in the individual's work schedule.


Here is a benefit of in-service training:

  • The trainees can draw from their work experience.

Here is a disadvantage of in-service training:

  • The trainee is already responsible for and engaged in a task or program and may be easily distracted from training activities.

Here are some situations in which in-service training is appropriate:

  • You need to make adjustments in an established literacy program.
  • Trainees need practical experience before they can or will benefit from the intended training.
  • If a task is quite complex, trainees may need repeated training so they know how to do the task correctly;
  • If little or no supervision is available, the in-service training can help fill this need.
  • You introduce new materials or methods to people experienced with the task.

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