What is group training?

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Group training is instruction which takes place when several individuals gather at a given location for a training course or a workshop.


Here are some benefits of group training:

  • Trainees can learn and benefit from each other's experience.
  • Trainers may save time and travel by working with several people at once.

Here is a disadvantage of group training:

  • It might be expensive in terms of time and money if the training lasts a long time and if food, lodging, and travel is required.

Group instruction can be achieved either by

  • having individuals go to a given location, or
  • having the trainer travel to where the individuals are located.

This choice depends on local variables:

  • Availability of local transport
  • Cost of travel
  • Number of people to train
  • Number of people to train in a given location
  • Willingness and ability of trainers to travel

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