What is a word slide?

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A word slide is a teaching aid that is inexpensive and easy to make and use. It can be used to help learners practice specific sounds in the context of a word.


It helps learners develop the following word attack skills:

  • Blending consonants and vowels into syllables
  • Breaking syllables into component parts
  • Recognizing syllable patterns
  • Recognizing symbols for consonant sounds, and
  • Recognizing symbols for vowel sounds.

A word slide is a teaching aid that allows a learner to substitute letters in a designated position in a syllable or word.


A word slide consists of two pieces of paper.

  • One has part of a word printed on it lengthwise.
  • The other has letters or syllables that could complete the word printed on it from top to bottom.
  • The second piece of paper slides through slits cut in the first piece. The letters or syllables printed on it complete words which change as you slide the paper from one position to another.

Here is an example of a word slide:

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