What is a village calendar?

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A local village calendar can be very helpful in choosing themes for teaching. It shows how village activities are related to changes in the seasons, natural environment, animal and bird behavior, and other areas important to local people.


A village calendar is a chart that has information about the everyday activities and special events that happen in a village throughout the year.


Here are some features of a village calendar:

  • It is usually divided into 12 months and several sections.
  • The outermost section shows the modern months.
  • Inner sections show events, activities, seasonal changes, and traditional time periods.
  • The user fills in the sections with local information.

Here is a blank diagram of a 12-month village calendar:


Here is an example of part of a typical village calendar. This diagram shows only the first quarter of the Meke'o village calendar. The Meke'o live in Papua New Guinea. Any of the events listed in any of this quarter's circles, between January and March, could be used as themes during the first term:


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