What is a Transition from LWC literacy program?

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A Transition from LWC literacy program is one which uses a second language as a bridge or transition to mother-tongue literacy.

Indicating conditions

Here are some conditions that indicate the choice of a Transition from LWC literacy program:

  • There are a good number of bilingual person speakers who are already literate in the LWC but not in the mother tongue.
  • The mother tongue is actively used.
  • There is an existing school system which uses a second language as the medium of instruction.
Program goals

Here are some typical program goals of a Transition from LWC literacy program:

  • To promote mother-tongue literacy through the promotion of biliteracy
  • To promote literacy among those who have not yet become literate in an LWC
Possible strategies and activities

Here are some recommended possible strategies and activities for a Transition from LWC literacy program:

  • Find ways to promote and demonstrate the functionality of mother-tongue literacy in the community.
  • Organize classes to transfer literacy skill from LWC to mother tongue in short workshops.
  • Organize a follow-up program for mother-tongue literacy for monolingual mother-tongue speakers.
  • Encourage the production of literature in the mother tongue.
  • Make use of more personal settings for promoting or demonstrating mother-tongue literacy such as families, religious settings; small businesses, tutoring situations.
  • Make use of public settings such as bulletin boards, signposts, and posters to promote mother-tongue literacy.
  • Organize reading and writing contests in the mother tongue.
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