What is a training objective?

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A training objective is the specific knowledge, skills, or attitudes that the trainees are to gain as a result of the training activity. An objective is usually measurable.


By defining objectives in a measurable way, you describe a desired behavior and will later be able to offer better feedback. You have to be aware, though, that attitudinal goals are often not very measurable.


To adequately equip trainees for a certain task, they need the knowledge required to do the task. Knowledge alone, however, is insufficient. Trainees must also learn the appropriate skills and attitudes needed to perform the task well.

Non-examples: Objectives

Here are some non-examples of poorly written objectives:

  • The trainees will learn to be good teachers.


    This objective is hard to measure.

  • The trainees will learn a lot about the Multi-strategy method.


    This objective is too general.

Examples: Objectives

Here are some examples of well-written objectives:

  • By the end of the teacher training course, the trainees will do the following:

    • Examine four characteristics of adult learning (knowledge objective)
    • Show in practice sessions (behavioral objective) that they respect adults (attitudinal objective) by using various methods (skills objective) which allow adults to actively participate
    • Learn to do classroom storying
  • By the end of the writers workshop the trainees will

    • write and edit two traditional stories in their mother tongue, and
    • publish their stories with a silk-screen printer.

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