What is a silk-screen printer?

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A silk-screen printer is a simple apparatus for making copies. It prints using a fabric screen and a stencil through which ink is pressed.


Using a silk-screen printer

  Here are the parts of a silk-screen printer:

Here are some diagrams of a silk-screen printer and applicator:


A silk-screen printer works as follows:

  • A prepared stencil is attached to the underside of the fabric screen.

    • The printer requires a prepared stencil with the desired design or text cut out of it so that the ink passes only through the part of the stencil that has been cut.
  • Ink is applied to the top side of the fabric screen.
  • The applicator is used to force the ink through the fabric screen and the prepared stencil onto the material to be printed.
  Here are some kinds of silk-screen printers:
  • Silk-screen printers with the screen frame hinged or otherwise connected on one side to the base
  • Silk screen printers with a separate screen frame and base
  • Silk-screen printers which allow printing on cloth

  • Other styles of silk-screen printers
  • (More information and diagrams will be included in future versions of the Literacy bookshelf)

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