What is a reading club?

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People who are learning to read need to be encouraged to continue using and developing their new skills.


Reading clubs are one way to promote reading. They are a good way

  • to establish a reading habit
  • to expose readers to a variety of literature, including advanced reading materials
  • to move new readers from "learning" to "reading"
  • to promote reading fluency and comprehension
  • to promote reading for enjoyment
  • to provide a social context for promoting literacy, and
  • to teach readers to find information in printed text.

A reading club is a group that meets regularly to read and to discuss what they are reading.


Here are some features of a reading club:

  • A reading club should consist of 15 or fewer people.
  • It should meet regularly.
  • It should have a helper or teacher who

  • The reading club should have access to local language reading materials. Material should be relevant and interesting and should cause people to think about what they are reading.

    • Articles
    • Stories
    • Newspapers
    • Poems
    • Songs
    • Text books

Here are some kinds of reading clubs:

  • Those who meet to read aloud to each other or in unison and discuss what they are reading
  • Those who participate in an extensive, graded fluency and comprehension course
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