What is a program objective?

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A program objective is a specific and usually quantifiable statement of program achievement. It is a statement of measurable outcome which can be used to determine program progress towards the program goal. Collectively, objectives represent a quantification of the program goal.


Here is an example set of program objectives from a literacy program for a small language group:

  • The program will produce 5,000 adult literates from the basic literacy classes.
  • The program will graduate 3,000 adults from advanced classes.
  • The program will train 80 teachers.
  • The program will train 10 literacy supervisors.
  • The program will establish a basic curriculum of nine pieces including a primer, a teacher's guide, a basic reader, an advanced primer, an advanced reader, a transition primer, a basic math book, an applied math book, and an introduction to spoken and written French.
  • The program will establish an on-going literature production process.
  • The program will publish 30 titles in the mother tongue.
  • The program will organize 30 women's reading clubs.
  • The program will organize a 12-member program guidance team to sponsor and promote the literacy program.
  • The program will organize 10 farmers' cooperatives.
  • The program will develop 15 health centers.
  • The program will take steps to integrate this overall program into the ongoing national adult literacy program.
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