What is a calendar?

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Calendars are a popular item in most parts of the world.


Here are some ways to use calendars in a literacy program:

  • As a teaching aid
  • For fund raising
  • As gifts, incentives, or awards
  • As motivation to read
  • For reading practice

A calendar is a page or a series of pages that shows the dates, days, and months of one year.


A calendar usually contains numbers, text, and illustrations.


Here are some kinds of text to use on calendars:

  • Months and days of the month in the local language and possibly in other appropriate languages
  • Proverbs and folktales
  • Quotes from famous people or literature
  • Scripture portions
  • Self-help information
  • Stories

Here are some kinds of illustrations to use on calendars:

  • Charts
  • Diagrams
  • Line drawings
  • Locally drawn pictures
  • Photographs

Here are some examples of calendars:

  Here are some kinds of calendars:
  • Calendars with

    • every month printed on one large sheet of paper, and
    • enough room for some pictures and text.
  • Calendars with

    • one picture and some text on a large colored piece of paper, and
    • pages for each month written on smaller pieces of white paper and stapled on to the large colored paper.
  • Calendars with

    • a separate page for each month, with
    • an illustration, and
    • some text on each page.
  • Commercially produced calendars with handwritten local language text added
  • Pocket or desk agendas

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