What are word building cards?

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Word building cards are a teaching aid useful

  • to give practice in syllable recognition
  • to give practice in word building

How to make word building cards


Word building cards are a teaching aid. They allow learners to build words by matching individual syllables to syllables in a word that has already been written.


Each set of word building cards consists of

  • a large word card, and
  • several small syllable cards.

The large word card has three built words written across the top with blank space under each word.


The small syllable cards have syllables that match the syllables in the words on the word card.

How to use

Follow these steps to use word building cards:

  1. Give the learner a large word card.
  2. Have the learner do the following:

    • Read the words on the card.
    • Build the same words from the syllable cards by placing the matching syllable cards in the space below the words.
    • Read the words they build.

Here is an example of a set of word building cards:

Example: Computer version

Here is a computer version of using word building cards:

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