What are sentence building cards?

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Sentence building cards are a teaching aid that is inexpensive and easy to make and use.


They are useful to give learners practice in

  • word recognition, and
  • sentence recognition and building.

How to make sentence building cards


Sentence building cards are a teaching aid. They allow learners to build sentences by matching individual words to words in a sentence that has already been written.


Each set of sentence building cards consists of

  • a large sentence card with pictures and sentences, and
  • several small word cards.

The large sentence card has several illustrations drawn in boxes down the left side of the card. Each illustration has a sentence written in a box beside it. The illustrations serve as clues to the sentences.


The small word cards have words that match the words in the sentences on the sentence card.


The learner

  • looks at the pictures
  • reads the sentences, and
  • builds the same sentences by placing the matching word cards in the space below the sentences.

Here is an example of a set of sentence building cards:

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