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 'So do I' / 'me too'
I like goats. Me too!
C Mathiack from Germany asks:

When can you replace So do I etc, with Me too?
Roger replies:
Me too works quite well in simple exchanges such as:
  • 'I'm hungry - Me too.' OR 'So am I.'

  • 'I'm feeling very sleepy.' 'Me too.'

  • 'I think Ill go to bed.' 'So will I.'
It's not very common as a stand-alone phrase with other pronouns, apart from You too? as a question, registering surprise, as in:
  • 'I failed my maths exam.' 'You too? So did I!'
We would be unlikely to say: He too or Her too or They too, although we can use this construction if it is part of a longer utterance, as in:
  • 'Maggie couldn't go and he too discovered that he was unable to attend the December board meeting owing to a prior commitment.'
Note that the converse of Me too is Nor me or Me neither:
  • 'I don't fancy climbing to the top of this mountain this afternoon.' 'Me neither.'

  • 'I'm not going to Jane's party on Saturday.' 'Nor me.'
Note that the so construction is used to agree with a positive statement and the nor or neither construction is used to agree with a negative statement. It can be used with all tense forms and all modal verbs, so you need to be careful to select the right auxiliary verb or modal. Consider the following:
  • 'I can't swim.' 'Nor can I.'

  • 'They shouldn't have said they could help him.' 'Neither should I.'

  • 'We stayed at the Shangri-La in Penang.' 'What a coincidence! So did we.'

  • 'Marjorie's going to live in Edinburgh ?near the Cathedral.' 'So's Jack ?opposite the National Gallery.'

  • 'I hate travelling all the way to Scotland by coach.' 'So do I.'

  • 'I was so tired by the time we got there.' 'So were the other passengers.'

  • 'We haven't forgotten that it's Sid's birthday next week.' 'Neither have we.'

Now test your knowledge in this simple quiz. Only one of the suggested forms is correct or most appropriate. Click on it.

We don't have enough money for a holiday this year.
We won't be able to visit Malaysia.
The children shouldn't behave like that!
He's so hungry he could eat a horse.
They hadn't visited their aunt since their uncle died.
She left early because it was so smoky.

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1 Nor do we.

2 Neither will we.

3 Nor should Fred.

4 So am I.

5 Neither had we.

6 So did Tom.