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bomb aftermath
E. Lamai asks:

I've heard the term 'Soho nail bomb attack'. What does the term nail bomb mean? I know the word bomb. What does the addition of nail do to the meaning?
Roger replies:
A nail bomb is a bomb which is filled with nails. When the bomb explodes the nails fly out and cause serious injury.
On Friday 30 April 1999, a massive explosion devastated a gay pub in Soho in the heart of London. The blast tore through the Admiral Duncan pub at 6.37 p.m. when the area was crowded with people enjoying the evening sunshine at the start of a holiday weekend. Three people were killed and more than one hundred were injured, many of them very seriously.

It was the third in a series of three bombings in the capital in which ethnic minorities and homosexuals had been targeted.

The Soho nail bomb caused particularly horrific injuries as a consequence of the confined space in which it exploded and because of the shrapnel effect of the long nails contained within it.