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How to improve your accent
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Marcos Alonso from Paraguay asks:

Since February I have been studying English because I will do the FCE (First Certificate in English) exam in June and next week I have the Speaking and Listening Papers.

I would like to know, according to your experience, which is the best way to have a 'British' accent when I speak English because some friends told me that I speak sometimes with my first language accent.

Roger replies:

When I was learning German and Spanish as a student, Marcos, I found that the best way to acquire a good accent was to imitate good models of the standard language.

So I would advise you to choose one or more of your favourite native speakers of standard English that you have access to on the radio, on audiotape or on video and spend as much time as possible imitating what they say.

Make recordings of your favourite programmes and then play them back in short sections. Try to reproduce as accurately as possible the pronunciation, stress and intonation patterns of the speaker(s).

It should be very good fun. And the best of luck with the FCE exams which you are busy with right now!