Majority/minority: is or are? (Comment)


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We asked which form of the verb should go in each of the blank spaces.

1. A sizable majority __________(feel/ feels)?/p>

2. A sizable majority of teachers ___________(feel/ feels) ?/nobr>

3. Of those who use an on-line service, the vast majority _______(go/goes) on-line everyday. 


It sounds better to my ears to use the plural when the 慺eelers?are identified (teachers, in this case). When they are not identified梬hen they are a group (vast majority, sizable majority)梩he singular sounds better to me.

Dace Kezbers


It's all the same! Like 揟he government/police/team, etc. has/have made an important decision.?Depends on whether you know the people concerned, have梠r want to create梐n emotional link with them, and whether you want to consider them as individuals etc. Think about, e.g., 揟he team enjoys training activities?vs. 揟he team enjoy their training activities.?Am I wrong? Let me know.

Helen Tooke

[From The Grammar Exchange team:

Indeed, the majority of our group agree with Dace, and think the verbs should be (1) feels, (2) feel, (3) goes.]