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On this Friday, December 7 -- National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day -- CNN 10 recalls the attack that led to the U.S. entry into World War II. Also covered are some recent events in and around the Black Sea. And in a kitchen where everything is connected, will the food actually be as good?



1. Name the former U.S. president who passed away on November 30 at age 94.
2. What number president (for example: 1st, 12th, etc.) was the leader named in question 1?
3. A magnitude 7.0 earthquake, which was characterized as the most significant the region had experienced since 1964, recently struck what U.S. city?
4. What nation announced on Monday that it would leave OPEC and focus more on its production of natural gas?
5. After months of back-and-forth tariffs, a "trade truce" was announced recently between what two countries, whose leaders met on the sidelines of the G20 summit?
6. The French government recently postponed plans for a tax increase on car fuel. What specific type of fuel is used by most cars in France?
7. What is the term for water that has been used in baths, toilets, car washes, and hair salons and must be treated before it's released back into the environment?
8. What Central African country, which is in the midst of its worst outbreak of the Ebola virus, has seen ten outbreaks since the disease was first identified in 1976?
9. Into what body of water, which is surrounded by Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine, is the U.S. considering sailing one of its warships?
10. On what specific date (month, day and year) did the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor take place, leading to the U.S. entry into World War II?


CNN 10

Tensions Rise in the Black Sea; National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day; Pros and Cons of "Smart Kitchens"; Emu and Donkey Are Best Friends

Aired December 7, 2018 - 04:00:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Welcome to Friday`s are awesome otherwise known as CNN 10 on a Friday. I`m your host Carl Azuz. It`s great to have you with us as we explain world events. The first one takes us to the Black Sea. A body of water surrounded by Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Turkey and also Ukraine and Russia. Those last two countries have been involved in a conflict in eastern Ukraine since 2014 and tensions between them rose even more after a confrontation between Russian and Ukrainian ships last month near the Kerch Straight.

That`s a narrow passage of water that links the Black Sea with the Sea of Azov. Russia captured three Ukrainian ships in the encounter and now an American warship may be headed for the Black Sea. U.S. officials say this would be in response to Russia`s maritime actions against Ukraine. The U.S. Navy says it routinely conducts operations in the international waters and airspace of the Black Sea. But earlier this year, a U.S. military official says the Navy was increasing it`s presence in the area to counter the increased presence of Russia.

That`s country`s making moves of it`s own in the region. In eastern Crimea, a peninsula that Russia controversially annexed from Ukraine in 2014, Russian troops recently conducted a military drill involving anti- aircraft missiles. Their country says that Ukraine is taking steps toward a military offensive so there`s a lot of international flexing taking place in this tense part of the world.


PRESIDENT FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT: A date which will live in infamy.

The United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.


CARL AZUZ: On this the 77th Anniversary of the attack, the USS Arizona Memorial is one place where events are held on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. It`s an observance that the U.S. Congress established in 1994 and it`s when survivors, their families, veterans and the public gather to honor the victims. The assault on Pearl Harbor was at the time the deadliest attack on American soil. It led the U.S. to join China, Great Britain and the Soviet Union, the allied powers, in their fight against Germany, Italy and Japan the axis powers. 10 Second Trivia. In 1899 American adventurer Albert T. Marshall patented what kind of device? Automobile supercharger, refrigeration machine, kinetic wristwatch or stove oven. Though devices for keeping food cold have been around for decades, Marshall`s refrigeration machine got it`s patent in 1899.

119 years later, refrigerators have touch screens and cameras connected to your phone that let you see what`s inside. Which can help if you`re stuck in the store without a list. But as technology gets smarter, a term used for when devices are connected to the internet, there are some downsides. Costs go up. Computer viruses could infect your kitchen appliances and there are questions about how long the new technology will last. Will people need to upgrade their refrigerators as often as the upgrade their phone? When everything works though - -


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Technology`s always played a big part in our kitchens. But as companies introduce AI into our appliances, how we cook in the future may look a lot different.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re kind of moving into this world in which machines are no longer just going to be collecting information or even be kind of helping us analyze information. But they`ll be able to pay cash (inaudible)

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But can all the tech in the world make us better cooks? Technology is trying to idiot proof cooking. This is taking to the next level. It looks like a microwave but that`s actually a $400 wifi connected oven. You can program it to cook what you want or use it`s meal delivery service. Never cooked salmon. I tried once to make whitefish and just didn`t happen. For kitchen novices like me, it trouble shoots a major issue, knowing when your food is actually cooked.

Each meal comes with a barcode. Scan it and the microwave downloads the correct cooking time. To me, I know it`s a convection oven, the whole thing, but it kind of feels like a microwave. I can`t imagine that this is going to be that good. Um, but we`ll see. So it says that it`s done. Oh, look at that. All right. This is the moment of truth guys. This is not bad. It`s like does not have the consistency of any kind of like TV dinner. The novelty of barcode cooking may wear off quickly for kitchen pros. And while prepared recipes can be tweaked, there`s not a lot of room to improvise. But for people who want to make cooking simple, it`s part of a larger trend of making gadgets work for you. Even if you order your meals through a service like Blue Apron or Truvala, you still don`t want your pantry to be empty. But if you`re anything like me, I never know what I`ve run out of. I mean, a grocery list, it`s not existent. As you scan with Genie Can, it automatically creates a shopping list. It doesn`t always get everything right the first time.

This is the right spot. And it takes a while when it doesn`t know what it is, Ronzoni elbow pasta. Genie Can hopes to develop the tech so that your scan trash can be reordered online and delivered automatically. Having your appliances work for you and actually predicts your needs may be a staple of our future kitchens. As these things get embedded with more sophisticated intelligence, what will really transform potentially our experience of the kitchen is when these different devices start to become connected to each other.

A blender that downloads recipes and then communicates to your fridge what those recipes are and the fridge can check what kinds of foods are in the fridge and then reorder what`s needed. So that you can make that smoothie the next morning. Our tools are getting a lot smarter and soon they`ll be designed to act more like assistants than just appliances. Want to try it? Like, you cook better than that? Does your mom cook better than that? (inaudible) your mom that.


CARL AZUZ: Last story today`s a little diddy about "Jack and Diane". But they`re not two American kids, they`re an emu and a donkey that were apparently abandoned at a North Carolina farm. A bird sanctuary took them in and they wouldn`t be separated. They ate together. They slept side by side. They didn`t like being apart. So an actor from the "Walking Dead" adopted the animals. He moved them to his farm in New York so they could be together and now, well, life goes on.

We`re sure they find their new home "emusing". In doubt they long for the days of "Eeyore". Guess the donkey was "stubbornly" committed. And even if the emu wasn`t, it`s not like it could fly away. Farm puns. You can say I was "barn" for them. I`m Carl Azuz. Hope you have a great weekend ahead.