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Brazil postpones university admission exam due to fraud

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   RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 1 (Xinhua) -- Brazil's Education Minister Fernando Haddad announced on Thursday the postponement of the national university admission exams (Enem), after a local daily reported fraud in the tests.

    The exams were to take place this weekend, but on Wednesday evening, the Ministry was informed that two people had tried to sell printed copies of the Enem paper to reporters from the O Estado de Sao Paulo daily.

    The copies were found to be genuine, forcing the authorities to call off the tests on the weekend.

    According to Haddad, the Brazilian Federal Police is investigating the case. It is not known how the test papers were stolen, but representatives of the company which printed the exam papers were called to make statement.

    The Education Ministry said that a new version of the exam paper is ready, and students will sit the exam in 30 to 45 days.

    Reprinting the exam papers will cost the Brazilian government about 35 million reais (19.66 million U.S. dollars). Additionally, the postponement complicates the admission exams calendar, since many universities hold additional exams which depend on the Enem results.

    The Enem is used by many public and private universities as part of the entrance requirements. Over four million students from all over Brazil are to sit the exams this year.

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