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China designs language textbooks for foreign workers

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   BEIJING, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- China has published a set of textbooks on Chinese language study for foreigners who want to use Chinese in business but who have little time to attend regular courses.

    The textbooks, titled "My Chinese Language", have been jointly compiled by Chinese and American experts for foreigners who work in China's international organizations and businesses.

    Li Zhijun, president of book-publishing house People's Education Press, said the books were based on foreign employees' real life experiences and covered various scenarios such as greetings and introductions, office meetings, business talks, exams, job applications and private life among others.

    The textbooks consist of three tutorial volumes and nine exercise books to meet basic demands of foreign learners focusing on short-term language studies.

    The books come amid strongly growing interest in Chinese culture as 339 Confucius Institutes and classes where Chinese language is taught have been established around the world.

    The government's goal is to establish 500 institutes by 2010, said the Chinese Language Council International.

    Statistics show, at the end of 2008, more than 40 million foreigners around the world were learning Chinese in 3,000 schoolsin 100 countries.

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