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School Life说课稿与课件(许婷)

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《说课稿》School      life

  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I consider it a great honor to introduce our group’s teaching plan. Our topic is “School life”. Now, I will say something about our topic.

  The new words and new sentences in our topic are: badminton, whirligig, What are you going to do? I’m going to … and it’s not in.

We consider this is a good premise that the students are interested in this topic. So we designed 4 steps.

  First, we designed a game of “Brain Storm” to lead the students to say something about sports. Because our topic is about school life’s activities. So we made this step.

  Then we want to communicate with students to learn the new word : badminton, and the new sentences: What are you going to do? And: I’m going to …

  The third step is focusing on the text. The students will listen to the tape and do some exercise. At the same time, the students will learn the other new word: whirligig and the new sentence: It’s not in. In this step, the students would listen, read, understand and act the text.

  The consolidation is to make a plan for the weekend. We consider this is a real task. The teacher will give a model to help the students.

  That’s all. Let’s enjoy!


T:Hello,pretty girls.
T:Hello,Miss Mei.
T:I like playing ball games.What do you like?
S1:I like swimming.
S2:I like playing football.
T:Good. To praise you. Lte's play a game. Okay?
T:It's Brain Storm. Guess what kind of ball game do I like.
Ss try to guess.
T:I will give you a poem. The answer is in the poem.
Ss read the poem and try to guess.
T:The first letter of each sentence consist a word that is Badminton.

T:I am going to play badminton. What are you going to do?
S1:I am going to play with a yo-yo.
T:What about you?
S2:I am going to play football.
T:Would you please work in pairs to talk about it?
Work in pairs.
T;Now let's ask in a round.

T:We have known what we are going to do. What about my friend Tom and Ben?
  Please listen to the tape and tell me.
Ss listen to the tape and try to answer the two questions.
T will teach "It's not in" and "wirligig" during this step.
Ss will read the text after the tape and then read it in roles.

T:We have a lot of things to do.Please make a poster to show us your plan.
Here's a module for you.
Ss work in pairs to make the poster.
Two groups will show the poster and introduce.


                          Reflection on the micro lesson
                                            Group 3
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you very much for observing our lesson today! Now I will say something about how we consider our lesson.
As we all know “Interest is the best teacher”. So at the beginning of our class we designed an interesting game of “Brain Storm” to lead the students saying something about sports, because our topic is about activities in school life. We can see all the students are actively in this step. I think it can motivate their interests.
Our lesson also gives students many opportunities to talk about their own interesting sports. Use the drills “What are you going to do? I am going to…” to practice the topic. I think it is a good way to cultivate the students’ listening and speaking skills.
Another excellent point in our lesson is the teacher organized various forms of discussion, such as S—S﹑S—T﹑S—Group﹑S—all of us.
Ok. Now please let me say some teaching theories in Chinese.

一 构建了真实的言语需求,设计了课后活动的情境。
二 教学内容的展开非常自然。
三 运用学生的“前知识-play with a yo-yo”做铺垫,为后续的发展创造性地使用语言提供了机会。
四 通过藏头诗新授单词,富有趣味性。


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