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China's top juice maker joins charity efforts in education

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   BEIJING, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- China's top juice maker, Beijing Huiyuan Beverage & Food Group Co. Ltd., has signed a strategic agreement with the One Foundation, a charity project operating under the Red Cross Society of China, for a long-term philanthropic partnership, China Daily reported Monday.

    According to the agreement, Huiyuan donated 1 million yuan (142,857 U.S. dollars) in one lump sum to the One Foundation.

    Since the agreement became effective this month, Huiyuan also will donate 1 yuan to the charity fund for every bottle of its C-She-V-He juice purchased by consumers. All donations will be earmarked for children's and educational programs carried out by the non-government organization.

    After acquiring a small cannery in 1992, Huiyuan Group has grown into the largest fruit juice producer in China.

    The beverage and food giant has since donated 300 million yuan in cash and in-kind services to charitable causes. It has supported poverty relief, education and youth development efforts, as well as sports and cultural causes.

    In addition, the Hong Kong-listed company has been keeping its commitment to "bringing nutrition to consumers while benefiting rural areas and farmers", according to the newspaper.

    The One Foundation has established cooperation with a group of enterprises. In addition to Huiyuan, partners include China Merchants Bank, Alibaba, Hengan, Microsoft, Versace, Tetra Pak, San Migual Corp. and Tomson Group.

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