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Pupil without Hukou Kills Herself after School Refusal

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Fourteen-year-old primary school girl Xiao Min committed suicide on Tuesday after she was refused by her school on the first day of the new semester for her lack of Hukou, an officially registered permanent residency status of a particular individual in China.

According to Chinese Business View's report, on September 1 when the new semester began, Xiao Min's primary school in Xijing town of Shangluo in northwest China's Shaanxi province, announced that students who are without Hukou certificates would not be accepted again by the school.
Disappointed and heartbroken Xiao Min then killed herself in the evening by drinking a poisonous farm chemical for not being able to continue her schooling just because she did not enjoy her longwanted yet inhumane Hukou status.
Grade four student Xiao Min was in fact an abandoned baby when she was picked up from outside and adopted by Zhang Shuwei 14 years ago. Zhang, the adoptive father of Xiao Min, already had three other children at the time and one more child meant a violation against the then family planning policy implemented around the country.
To avoid being punished and fined by the local government, Zhang didn't register Hukou for Xiao Min until she became a 14 years old school girl.
Following Xiao Min's death, Su Yongfeng, township chief of Xijing town where Xiao Min lived, confessed to the Chinese Business View that the town government had asked the primary school to check schoolchildren's Hukou on new semester day just to examine the implementation of the town's family planning policy.
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