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Unit 4 Food and lifestyles (reading)

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 Unit 4  Food and lifestyles (reading)

Xinqiao Secondary School  Xie Jianmin

Teaching aims and demands:

New words: energy, change, diet, seldom, snack, chat, lifestyle,

exercise, twice

Teaching difficulties: the Simple Past Tense

Teaching methods: task-based approach

Teaching task: 1. Design a diet list for your school dining room.

2. Write a letter to a sick person and give him some advice to keep healthy.


Teaching aids: tape recorder, tapes, slide projector, slides

Teaching procedures:


. Warm-up

   Enjoy the beautiful song Take me home, country roads.


. Presentation

    Do you like the beautiful song ?Its name is Take me home, country roads. It comes from a famous American singer------John Denver. Do you want to be a singer. What do you want to be when you grow up?…… In fact, no matter what you want to be, you must be healthy. So it’s very important for us to be healthy. Right? But we have a question here, how do we keep healthy? What do you usually do to keep healthy? ……Yes, we have many ways to keep healthy, but I think if we want to be healthy, at least, we need healthy food and lots of exercise. Do you agree with me?


. Matching

   In the modern world, many people want to be healthier, they want to change their diets and lifestyles. Millie is one of them. Now, Millie is reading this week’s articles about Kitty’s and Daniel’s diets and lifestyles. Do you want to know what Kitty and Daniel say? But before we listen to them, let’s learn some new words first.

   Match the English meanings with the new words. Explain the words. (examples) Read after the teachers.(Bb) ( One minute for the Ss to recite these new words.)


. Listening

   So much for the new words. Now, let’s listen to Kitty. After you listen to her, please answer my question, Did Kitty eat much sweet snacks before? ( Yes, she did.)

   Listen to Daniel and answer the question, What did Daniel always eat for lunch?( Hamburgers.) Help the Ss to answer.

Listen again, then do some True or False exercises.  Check the answers.


   . Reading

Ss read the articles by yourselves. Ask and answer questions in pairs. (examples)

   I want to know the two students---Kitty and Daniel better. Please give me a hand. Fill in the form. Ss practise in pairs. Ss tell the information/ differences between before and now to each other.


. Discussion (task)

   Classify the food (pictures) into two halves------healthy or unhealthy food. Ss stick them on the Bb. What do you usually eat for breakfast/lunch/supper? Where do you have lunch? Do you think your food you eat every day healthy or unhealthy?

   Have a discussion in groups of six, design a diet list for your dining room. Each group will choose a student to tell us what kind food your group choose and Why? Hand in your diet list to the dining room after class.


.Writing (task)

   A friend of mine is often ill. He often goes to see the doctor. He is ill in hospital now. please write a letter to him and tell him how to keep healthy. (food, exercise…)


. Sum-up  

From this lesson, we know that eating healthy food and taking lots of exercise are the best ways to keep healthy. If you want to live better and be healthier, please change your unhealthy diet and lifestyle from today.


. Homework

1.     Help your parents give up their bad diets and lifestyles.

2.     Review the contents of this lesson.





Match the new words with the English meanings.

1.energy      a.  do sports activities

2.change      b.  not very often

3.diet         c.  become different

4.seldom      d.  two times

5.snack       e.  talk, usually friendly

6.chat        g.  power to do things

7.lifestyle     h. the food you usually get

8.exercise     i.  the way you live

9.twice       j. small meals between main meals


True or false questions.

1.Kitty changed her diet because she wants

to be healthier.                   (  )

2.Kitty and Daniel are both 12 years old. (  )

3.Fast food is good for our health.      (  )

4.Daniel swims three times a week.     (  )

5.Daniel is not a good student at school. (  )

6.Sweet snacks give us energy and they

are healthy.                      (  )

7.It’s important for us to exercise often.  (  )

8.Kitty has healthy diet and lifestyle now,

  but Daniel doesn’t.                 (  )

Ask and answer questions in pairs.


Student A:  What does Kitty want to be?

Student B:  She wants to be a dancer.

Student A:  Did Daniel love hamburgers?

Student B:  Yes, he did.

Student A: 

Student B: 


Answer the following questions.

1.     How long does Kitty dance every day?

2.     Did Kitty often eat vegetables before?

3.     Does Kitty always eat an apple for lunch?

4.     Does Kitty eat sweet snacks now?

5.     What does Daniel like doing?

6.     Could Daniel play basketball well? Why?

7.     How long does he exercise every day?

8.     Does Daniel eat fast food now?

9.     What does he eat for dinner now?

10.  Did Kitty and Daniel change their diets and lifestyles?



Fill in the form and try to find out the differences between their old diets and their new ones.


















Discussion (task)

Have a discussion in groups, design a diet list for your dining room.














Writing (task)

A friend of mine is often ill. He often goes to see the doctor. Now, he is ill in hospital. Would you please write a short letter to him and tell him how to keep healthy? (food, exercise…)

                 1st December, 2004 Dear Bob,                        







                       Yours truly,





Eating healthy food and taking lots of exercise are both very important for us  to keep healthy. If you want to live better and be healthier, please change your unhealthy diet and lifestyle from today.


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