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Unit 3 This is my sister. 同步阅读

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Mr and Mrs Green live in Melksham. Meksham is a small town in the south of England. Mr Green is a dentist. His wife works in a school. She teaches history. Mr and Mrs Green go to work together by car.

Mr Green always drives. Mrs Green never drives.

The Greens have two boys and a girl. Peter is fourteen. He is tall and his hari is black. Martin is sixteen, and he is short. Susan is nineteen.

Susan doesn't live with her family. She lives in London and works as a nurse inn a hospital.


1. Where do Mr and Mrs Green live?

2. Is Mrs Green a dentist?

3. How do they go to work?

4. Who drives?

5. Who doesn't live with the family?




1. They live in Melksham.

2. No, she isn't.

3. They go to work by car.

4. Mr Green does.

5. Susan.

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