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Unit 4 Where's my backpack? 同步阅读

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Jimmy likes his bedroom a lot because he likes sleeping. Val likes the living room because he likes watching TV and doing other things. Vicky likes her dining room because she likes eating. They are all my good friends. On Sunday they often come to my home. I have a big dining room. There is a round table and four chairs in it. We often have meals and drink tea there. My mother often cooks for us. She cooks nice dishes. Sometimes I can do the cooking, but I don’t like doing it. I like to eat. My father doesn't like cooking at all.


1. Jimmy likes sleeping very much.

2. Val doesn't like watching TV at all.

3. Vichy is a girl. She likes eating.

4. There are three people in the writer's family.

5. The writer and his parents don't like cooking at all.




1. T 2. F 3. T 4. F 5. F

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