Unit 2 I used to be afraid of dark. 同步阅读 - 给力英语

Unit 2 I used to be afraid of dark. 同步阅读

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"Depend on yourself" is what nature says to every man. Parents can help you. Teacher can help you. Others still can help you. But all these only help you to help yourself.

There have been many great men in history. But many of them were very poor in childhood, and had no uncles, aunts or friends to help them. They couldn't depend on them for education. They saw how it was, and began to work with their efforts. To know something, they worked their own way up to fame(荣誉).

One of the most famous teachers in England used to tell his pupils, "I can't make worthy men of you, but I can help you make men of yourselves."

Some young men are the best in anything, and they are to be pitied(值得同情的). They can never do things successfully if they don't see their weak points and change their courses(做法). They are nothing now, and will be nothing as long as they live if they don't follow the advice of their parents and teachers, and depend on their own efforts.


1. "Depend on yourself" in this passage means         .

    A. depend on your own efforts

B. depend on nature

C. wait for others to help

D. depend on your parents

2. Many of the great men in history succeeded because         .

A. they were very poor in childhood

B. they could not depend on schools for an education

C. they made great efforts to learn and work

D. they wanted very much to become famous

3. According to the famous teacher in England, a teacher can         .

A. make his pupils worthy men

B. teach his pupils everything he knows

C. help his pupils make themselves useful men

D. make his pupils men of strength and courage

4. If young people depend on their own efforts,         .

A. they are to be pitied

B. they can never be successful

C. they are nothing now and will be nothing in the future

D. they can be successful in their work

5. The main idea of the passage is that         .

A. we should depend on our parents and teachers

B. we can depend on our friends and relatives

C. all great men in history were poor when they were young

D. we can't depend on our parents or teachers, but we can get advice from them




1. A 2. C 3. C 4. D 5. D

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