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PEP 1 Unit4 A Let’s learn教案(谢丹凤)

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PEP Book Ⅰ Unit4 A Let’s learn一稿

三毛小学 谢丹凤

教学内容: Unit4  part A  Let’s learn 


2、在句型Act like …I’m a….  This is …等中进行综合操练。能描述小动物。

教学准备:CAI课件  动物卡片、图片 单词卡


Step 1:Warm-up

Now let’s listen to another <Hello> song.

①    First the students listen to the song together .

②    Then T greets with the students : Hello / Hi ! Goodbye ! See you . What’s your name ? My name’s … .(欢快的英语歌曲,营造了英语氛围,愉悦身心。)

Step2: Presentation and practice

①Bring in.(导入) Today we’ll meet some friends. Do you know who are they? Let’s go and have a look,  OK? (悬念式激情导入,激发学生的好奇心和兴趣,)出示课件CAI  Ask :

a.There is a new friend. What’s this ? Listen !声音meow 引出单词cat I’m a cat. (动作)Cat ,cat ,I’m a cat, meow, meow, meow .

 Hello! My name is Cat. Nice to meet you.(Get the Ss greet to panda.引导学生用所学问候语向熊猫打招呼)

S1: Hello! Cat , How are you?

S2: Good morning, Cat !

S3: Nice to meet you, Cat !


b. T; Hello. I’m Miss cat, I have a friend, she has two long ears, she has a white body, she has two red eyes. Broadcast the recording of the riddle . Ask the students to guess.从谜语中引出单词rabbit( 不同的呈现方式不会使课堂枯燥,引起学生的注意力。让学生在听力方面得到锻炼。)

Revise the three words . Then ask the students to look at T’s gestures and guess out what animal it is .

Each time T show the gestures with saying “Act like …” .After the students feel the meaning of this structure , T introduce the structure on the board .

Guide the students to look , identify and say “Act like …” together . T asks individuals to listen and do . Arrange the exercises between the students .

c.CAI 引出 熊猫单词panda 出示卡片,领读,进行音标渗透。

Hello! My name is Panda. Nice to meet you.(Get the Ss greet to panda.引导学生用所学问候语向熊猫打招呼)Encourage the students to do and say “Act like …” .(在熟知的语言中呈现单词,在真实的情境中交际,避免了枯燥无意义的机械重复,使课堂生动、鲜活、富有生活情趣。)


Father monkey, father monkey, I love you.

Mother monkey, mother monkey, I love you.

Baby monkey, baby monkey, I love you.

师:This is my father, this is my mother, I ‘ m very happy, I have a happy family.(用小猴一家引起学生的好奇心,增强趣味性,在单词,词组教学中,又让学生感受到了家庭的温馨。)Guide the students to sing the song <Monkeys’ family> in the melody of <Two tigers> .(继续渗透巩固句型“Act like …”)


从声音中引导学生说出Dog ,dog, this is a dog .(让学生发挥学习的主动性,让学生有成就感)通过动作展开持续的操练。


Ask individuals to read . Emphasize the letter “ck” . Compare it with “dog” .

g. Chant(朗朗上口的节奏使课堂充满活力,学生学习不会疲惫,提高积极性。) 

 Cat, cat, I’m a cat ,meow , meow, meow

Dog, dog, I’m a dog ,woof, woof, woof

Duck, duck, I’m a duck, quack, quack, quack

Monkey, monkey, I’m a monkey, hei,hei,hei

Panda, panda, I’m  a panda, ha ,ha ,ha

Rabbit, rabbit, I’m a rabbit , jump , jump, jump

Step3  Practice and consolidation拓展操练

a.       齐读所有单词: 先带读,齐读再分辨并快速反应。Play quickly respond .

b.      看卡片的背面根据形状猜一猜,全部猜完后,要求学生将词卡与图片配对。

c.       游戏:What’s missing(CAI展示,消失某个动物,让学生猜哪张,进行单词巩固。)

First identify each animal by calling out their names . Then guess .

Step 4 Let’s do

a. Ask individuals to try . T gives the orders : Act like a … . Then encourage the students to ask their classmates to act after several times .Then practice with their deskmates . T ask some pairs to try .

d. Our friends are having a party . Let’s go and see. First listen to the recording of Let’s do . Then read it following the recorder . And say it following the recorder together .

Step 5 Extension

a.       Look at the map and know the National treasures of the four countries : America , China , Canada , Australia . Panda , eagle , beaver , kangaroo .

Step 4 Sum up.

 Today, we learn six animals. Please enjoy some pictures of the animals . Animals are our friends, we should protect animals. We mustn’t hurt them. So I want to say “we love animals”

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