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PEP 1 Unit 6 B Let’s learn教案

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教学内容:Pep1  Unit6  B. Let’s learn. Let’s do.

教学目标:1、能听、说、认读单词:balloon, kite, ball, plane, car, boat, doll。

                    2、能听懂Let’s do中的指示语,并能按指令作出相应动作。



难点:正确掌握单词balloon, plane, doll等的发音;能根据指示语作出正确反应。



Step1. Warm-up / Revision

1. Listen to the song 《Ten Little Indians》.

2. Greetings.

T: Hello, boys and girls. I’m Miss Chen. Nice to meet you! How are you? What’s this? (A finger.)

How many fingers can you see? Let’s count. 1, 2 … 10. Great! Now let’s chant.

3. Let’s chant.

Pink ball. Pink ball. Purple ball. …

Step2. Presentation

1. Show a ball. T: What’s this? Yes, it’s a ball.

  Show the card of “ball”. Read: ball ↗↘

  T: I can bounce the ball. Can you bounce the ball?

  Ask 2 Ss to bounce the ball and throw the ball.

  T: Let’s see some other balls.

  Introduce: football, ping pong ball, basketball.

2. Show ball doll. T: Which is “ball”? Is this “ball”? ( No.)

  Show a doll. T: Look, this is a doll.

  Read: doll ↗↘

  T: The doll is so lovely, I want to hold the doll.

  Practise: Hold the doll. (Say & Do)

  T: Who wants to hold the doll?

3. Show a piece of paper. T: What’s this? Oh, it’s a piece of paper. I can make a paper plane. (边折边说)Fold, fold,… fold back. Ok. Now, it’s a paper plane.

  Show the card of “plane”, read it. ↗↘

  Throw the paper plane. T: I can throw the plane. Can you throw the plane?

4. CAI:  2 planes   T: How many planes? (2 planes.)

             3 planes   T: How many planes? (3 planes.)

             4 planes + 1 kite  T: How many planes? ( … )让眼尖的学生发现并引出kite.

  Show the card: kite. Read it. ↗↘

  T: In spring, I like to fly the kite.

5. Look and guess.

  T: Now look at my mouth carefully, and guess which word it is.

6. T: Boys and girls, maybe you’re tired, let’s enjoy a song.

  Listen to the song《Row Row Row Your Boat》.

  Show the card: boat. Read it. ↗↘

  Do action and say: Row the boat.

7. CAI: ○  ○  T: Now, look! What’s this? (Voice) It’s a car. What colour is it? (Red) So it’s a red car.

  Show and read: car ↗↘

  Do action and say: Drive the car.

8. Hide a balloon in the hand. T: What’s this? (Ss guess.) It’s a ….

  Show and teach: balloon ↗↘

  CAI: some colourful balloons. I like the yellow balloon.

  T:I like the yellow balloon. How about you?

  The Ss who can say the sentences will get the balloons.

  Ask these Ss to stand in a row, listen and do: Blow up the balloons.

Step3. Practice

1. T: Open your books, turn to page64, listen and read the words.

2. Put the 7 word cards in a big envelope, show a letter, two letters,… Ss guess. 

   The Ss who can guess the words first will get the word cards.

3. Draw pictures on the board. Ss guess the words. Put the word cards

   over the pictures.

4. 为简笔画加工, lead in: Bounce the ball. Throw the plane. …

5. Listen and do.

6. Do and say.

Step4. Summary & Homework

T: Today, we have learned 7 new words, they’re doll…__________________. We should remember them. And these days, it is very cold. So I

   think you can do more exercises. You can bounce the ball…________________.

T: Today’s homework, listen and read the 7 words follow the tape, and do actions at home.


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