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Module8 Discussion Unit1 What do you suggest?教学设计

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Module8  Discussion

 Unit1  What do you suggest?

沙河镇大王小学   贾国玉





1、能听懂、会说、运用重点单词:suggest,了解背景单词 quickly, excited,  Chinese,kind。

2、学会征求建议: What do you suggest? 会表达建议:What about------?How about-----?Why don’t you------- ? 能根据实际情况表达自己的观点:That’s a good idea.  That’s great!   I agree, thank you. Sorry。




学习新语言句型: What do you suggest?What about------?How about-------?Why don’t you---------?




(一)Warming up


T:Be seated, quickly. (提前渗透新词的运用) Let’s begin our class.

T:Look, there are so many teachers here. I am very excited. I am very excited to have lessons with you.(出示卡片学习新词)。 How about you?

S1:  I am very excited too.

T: What about you?

S2: I am very excited too. (询问几个同学,练习新单词excited)

T:Say it quickly, please.( 学习新单词:quickly)

一.            Presentation

1.T: Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday. I want to buy some presents for my daughter. But I don’t know, What to buy?What do you suggest?(出示卡片suggust,学习新词)

S: A pen.     T: Good!Thank you.

T:What do you suggest?   S: A kite.

T: You should say:  How about a kite.

                 What about a kite.(板书How about-------What about -----)

2.T: Now, let’s go on.What do you suggest?

S1: What about a bag?

T: Yes, that’s a good idea. Her bag is broken. Thank you. What do you suggest?(板书答语:That’s a good idea.)

S2: How about a pencil-box?

T: Sorry. She’s got a new pencil-box. What do you suggest?

S3: What about a dress?

T: That’s great!She likes a new dress. What do you suggest? (板书答语:That’s great!)

S4: How about a kite?

T: Oh, yes. It is a sunny day. We can fly kites.Do you agree?

S:Yes, I agree.(板书答语I agree.)

T:Oh,I agree.Thank you. What do you suggest? (贴上答语:I agree.)

S9: How about a book?

T: What kind of book? A Chinese book or an English book?(出示一本英语书,一本语文书) 

S: An English book.

T: I agree, thank you.(学习新单词:kind—find  T:For example,A dog is a kind of animals。 Football is a kind of sports。Are you clear?)

3.T: Let’s look at the sentences:

1)What about ---?How about -----?They are the same meaning. (板书“=”,让学生明白这两种提建议的方法是相同的)

2)If you agree with others,(贴上笑脸) you  can use: That’s a good idea.  That’s great!   I agree, thank you.

3) If you don’t agree,(贴上哭脸) you can say: sorry.

4)Now ,Let’s read after me.(板书的重点句型)

5)Let’s read  together.


T:We know ,Daming is going to America,He’s going  to take a present for his consin.What is he going to take?Do you know?


T:Now,listen to the tape and try to answer:

What is he going to take?

T:Now,who can answer :What is he going to take?

S:A  kite。

T:What kind of  kite?

S: A Chinese dragon kite。It ’s a traditional Chinese present. Now, look here。(出示中国龙的风筝图片)T:They’re Chinese Dragon Kites.

文化知识的渗透:Chinese  Dragon  Kites

Chinese dragon kites are very famous.They are very beautiful.Peple love them all over the world(全世界)Some dragon kites are small.One boy can fly them。Others are very big.You need lots of people to fly them.They are very long.Don’t fly them near trees or houses.It's dangerous.

T:Do you like Chinese dragon kites?


T: You can fly Chinese dragon kites at the weekend.I think:you’ll be very happy.


T:Now,open your books at p30,listen and repeat,then anwer:

What did Sam suggest?

you can undertline the sentences.

T:Who can tell us :What did Sam suggest?Read out the sentences.

S1:What about chopsticks?

S2:Why don’t you give him a kite ?

S3:How about a dragon kite?

T:You did very well.We can use “Why don’t you------?to make suggestions.for example:

Why don’t you give him a cake/her a dress/go to school?

T:Now,Let’s talk about traditional Chinese Presents.Fuwa is a traditional Chinese Present.Can you tell us some traditional Chinese Presents ?

S:Chinese tea 、Tang clothes ------。

T:Boys and girls, if you are Sam, what do you suggest? Now ,you can use “Why don’t you ------?”

S1: Why don’t you give him a -------?

T:That’s a good idea,thank you.


Now,Listen and repeat,underline the new words.


Now,first read the text by yourselves,then do the exersies in pairs。

 D:I’m going to go to       in the summer。What do you     ?

S:          chopsticks?

D:He’s got chopsticks,his mum and grandma are       。

S:           a kite?

D:What     of kite?

S:         a Chinese dragon kite?

D:I agree,thank you。

T:Who pair can do the exerises?


1、课本31页Make suggestions

T:look at the picture,I want to buy a present for my brother,What do you suggest?You can use the sentences.(教师指着板书的句子)

S1:What about a bag?

T:Sorry,he’s got a new bag。

S2:How about a T-shirt?

T:That’s a good idea,his T-shirt is broken,thank you。

T:Now ,practise in pairs。

T:Who can act  it out  ?


T:I want to travel on May day.But I don’t know,Where to go?What do you suggest?

 S:How about Beijing?

T:Why?(如果学生不会回答,教师可以引导Is it beautiful?Is it famous?)

S:Beijing is a beautiful city,It’s very famous.Beijing is the capital of China.

T:That's a good idea.In Beijing ,I can visit Tiananmen and the Great Wall.I can eat some troditional food.

T: Now, Let’s talk about it in groups.


   Boys and girls, today we learned how to give suggestions to others. You have done a good job. After class, you should listen and read the text, then talk about the suggestions with your parents.

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