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PEP 3 Unit6 Meet my family Part B Let's learn, Let's do

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Teaching aims:

1.Grasp the words: doctor, nurse, driver, farmer, baseball player.

2.Understand the dictation and do the same action.

Difficulties and importance: Grasp the words.

Preparation: Word cards, CAI

Step1 Warming up

1.    Let’s do       Act like a cat…

2.    Let’s sing      Hello, Sarah do oh do…

Step2 Presentation

(一)、Introduction: teacher.

1.    Students say hello to the teachers.

2. T: Who are they?           Ss: They are teachers.

T: Am I a teacher? Are you teachers? What do you do? (Student)

Do you like teachers? (Yes)

3.Do the action: Act like a teacher.

T: What do you do?

Ss: I am a teacher.

T: Great teachers.

(二)、Introduction: driver

1.    Show a man with CAI

Guess: What does he do? Is he a teacher/student?

2.    Show a car next to the man.

T: Look, he has a car, a yellow car. He can drive a car. He is a driver.

3.    Learn: driver.

4.    Do the action: Act like a driver. I can drive a bus. I can drive a car.

T: What do you do?

Ss: I am a driver.

T: Great drivers.

5.    Chant: Driver, driver, 1 2 3.

          Driver, driver, go, go, go.

(三)、Introduction: farmer

1.Show a farmer at the farm.

Guess: What does he do?

2. Learn: farmer

3. Do the action: Act like a farmer.

4. Chant: farmer, farmer, 1 2 3.

          Farmer, farmer, work on the farm.

(四)、introduction: baseball player

1.    Show a boy playing baseball.

2.    Show a baseball.

Ball---baseball---baseball player.

3.    Do the action: Act like a baseball player.

4.    Chant: baseball, baseball, play baseball.

          baseball, baseball,  I’m a baseball player.

(五)、Introduction: doctor.

1.    Show the baseball player playing on the road. The car hit him.(Teacher describes what is happening.)

2.    Show a hospital with CAI.

3.    Learn word: doctor.

4.    Do the action: Act like a doctor.( Hello, doctor.)

5.    Chant: Doctor, doctor, I am a doctor.

          Doctor, doctor, for you and me.

(六)、Introduction: nurse

1.    Show a man doctor and a woman doctor.

T: What does he/she do?

Ss: He’s/She’s a doctor.

2.    Show a nurse. T: Is she a doctor. Ss: No.

3.    Learn word: nurse.

4. Do the action: Act like a nurse.

5. Chant: Nurse, nurse, I am a nurse.

          Nurse, nurse, for you and me.

(七)、Sentence“What do you do? I’m a…”

1.    Chant: What do you do? What do you do?

          I’m a driver, I’m a driver…

   Chant in groups.

(八)、 Let’s do 

Step3.Consolidation and extending

1.    What are you going to be?   I’m going to be a…

2.    Design the name card.

3.    Have a party.

   Ten years later, how old are you?

a. Sing a song “How are you?”

b. Teacher greetings with them.

c. students communicate with others using the sentence“Hello, how are you? Nice to see you again. What do you do? I’m a…”.Then change the name card.

d. Show the practice.

e. Ending.

Sing a song.

Wish your dream come true.

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