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PEP 5 Unit 6 In a nature park Part B let’s talk

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Step1 Revision

1. Review the words..(Make sentences)

2. Review the patterns:There is…There are…

①Ss say freely.

②Show pictures:sky,city,village,forest

  Ss say:There is…There are…

  T:Where can you see the forest?

  S1: In a nature park.

Step 2 Presentation

1.Sentence:Yes, there are./No,there aren’t.

① Today, I have some pictures of a nature park,let’s have a look.

(Show pictures with CAI)T:There are…in the nature park.

②   T asks questions: Is there a…? Are there any…?,guide Ss to say:Yes,there are./No, there arent.

Is there a lake/path/river/bridge?(Yes,.there is.)

Are there any mountains/waterfalls/grasses/trees/houses?(Yes,there are.)

Are there any flowers/buildings/animals/cars?(No,there arent.)

2.Sentence:Are there any…?

① This nature is “Qianjiangyuan Nature Park”,its in my hometown.My hometown is Kaihua Town,your hometown is Haiyan Town,yeah?


② Are there any mountains in Haiyan Town? Do you want to knowmy hometown?

You can ask me some questions.

Ss:Are there any…in your town?

T: Yes,there are./No,there aren’t.

③ I’m from a village, do you want to know my village?

Ss ask questions with the sentences,T answers.


① T asks, Ss answer.

   T:Where are you from?

   Ss:I’m from…

   T:Are there any…in your…?

   Ss:Yes,there are./No,there aren’t.

② Pair work

S1:…  S2:…

(T:Are there any…in his/her…? Ss:Yes/No…)

③ Talk about the other things

  a. T: Are there any buildings near your village?

     Are there any… at your home/in your bedroom/…?

  b. Pair work

4.Let’s try

5. Let’s talk

Step 3 Consolidation

1.      Imagine your favourite village/city/town.

① Is your home in a village or a city?Do you like it? What’s your favourite village/city?You have drawn it,yes?

T:Are there any…?


② Pair work

2.      Homework

Talk about your favourite village or city after class.Ask and answer.

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