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1.Read and choose. 找找哪些单词是同族!

Chinese    eggplant   Tuesday    mutton   Saturday  
Wednesday    science    cabbage    math
1) English: ___________  ___________    ___________   

2) fish:  ___________   ___________   ___________

3) Thursday: ___________  ___________  ___________

2.Finish the words. 完成下列单词。

高的 t _ ll    滑稽可笑的 f _ nny    亲切的 k _ nd   

年老的 o _ d     矮的 sh _ _ t      严厉的 s _ _ ict

聪明的 sm _ _ t  安静的 qu _ _ t   积极的 a _ t _ ve 

3、Look and choose the different word. 找出划线部分发音不同的单词。

(   )1、A、peach   B、head    C、tea     D、jeans

(   )2、A、play    B、plane     C、pretty   D、plate

(   )3、A、apple    B、face     C、have    D、black

(   )4、A、bread    B、break    C、brown   D、blue

(   )5、A、lunch   B、mutton   C、Tuesday  D、but

4、Read and choose. 选择正确的答案。

(   )1.---- What's he like?   ----                   

A. He is a teacher.    B. He is tall.    C. She is very kind.

(   )2.---- Can you water the flowers?   ----                  

A. Yes, I can't.    B. Yes, I can.    C. No, I can.

(   )3.Are you      at home?

A. help    B. helps    C. helpful

(   )4.What do you have      lunch?

A. for    B. in    C. on

(   )5.---- Is she strict?   ---- Yes, but she's very       .

A. strong    B. tall    C. kind

(   )6.She often do       homework on weekends.

A. my    B. her    C. his

(   )7.I have eggplant and       for lunch.

A. tomato    B. tomato's    C. tomatoes

(   )8.Can you use      computer?

A. a    B. an    C. the

(   )9.I'd like some green      .

A. beef    B. mutton    C. beans

(   )10.---- _______ your math teacher?    ---- Mr. Zhao.

A. What's    B. Who's    C. Where's

(   )11.What ______is it today?

A. day    B. today    C. date

(   )12.What do you ______ on Saturdays?

A. is    B. does    C. do

(   )13.I don't like grapes. They are ____.

A .sweet    B. sour    C. healthy

(   )14.What ______you?    

A. are      B. about      C. do

(   )15.--- What do we have on Mondays?    --- We have _______.

A. Friday    B. science    C. fruit

5、Arrange the dialogue. 排列对话。

(      )1. Sure.

(      )2. What can you do?

(     )3. Are you helpful at home, Chen Jie?

(      )4. I can sweep the floor.

(      )5. Great! You are helpful.

6、Arrange the sentences. 连词成句。

1)  set      you    Can    table    the      ?

2) English  What’s    like    teacher   your      ?

3)   day      is      What   today      it       ?

4)  What  lunch  you    for    do     have    ?

5)  your     favorite    What’s    food        ?

7、Read and judge. 判断对错!正确的打“T”,错误的打“F”

Hi! My name is Linda. I am 12 years old. I study at Brighton Primary School. I go to school from Monday to Friday .My favorite day is Friday. We have art and P.E. class and we have beef for lunch. Beef is my favorite food. It’s tasty and healthy. My favorite teacher is Miss White. She is our English teacher. She is tall and pretty. Her class is so much fun.

I’m very helpful at home. I can sweep the floor and wash my clothes. I live in a small village. The sky is blue. The air is fresh. There is a river in my village. There is a path near the river. There are no ducks in the river .But you can see many fish .

1) I go to school five days in a week.                 (      )

2) We have art and science class on Friday.    (      )

3) My favorite teacher is tall and pretty .            (      )

4) Mutton is my favorite food.                           (      )

5) I’m very helpful at home.                    (      )

6) I can’t wash the clothes.                    (      )

7) I can sweep the floor.                       (      )

8) There are many ducks in the river.            (      )

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