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Unit 3 My friends A let’s learn let’s find out

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Unit 3 My friends



教学对象: 四年级学生

课程名称: Unit 3 My friends

教学内容: A let’s learn  let’s find out




1  Be able to listen say and read: long hair, short hair, strong, thin quiet, friends.

2  Be able to describe the person such as: He has short hair, big eyes and a small nose. / She has long hair and small eyes.

3  Teach students to help each other.


1  Key point: new words

2  Difficulties: the pronunciation of “quiet”,How to describe friends?


1  Zip ,Zoom 的头饰。

2  本课的课件。

3  Monkey 的布娃娃。


Step1 Warm-up

1 Greeting:

T: Good morning, class. Today, a lot of my friends are coming to our class. Do you want to know my friends? (Yes!)OK! Let me introduce my friends to you.(Great!) First of all, I’ll introduce a funny friend to you .Look! What is it? (It’s a monkey.) Hello! I’m Mr. Monkey. I’m living in the top of the hill. I’m the king here! Do you want to make friends with me? (Yes!) Come on, baby! I’m waiting for you.

Let’s climb the hill and have a competition .These two groups are Zip. Zip go, go, go .Those two groups are Zoom. Zoom, run, run, run. Let’s see which group is the winner. You can take Monkey King in your group. Are you ready? Let’s go.


2 Let’s do. (CAI 呈现)

T: First, let’s do some warm-up exercises. Stand up!

T: Make yourself tall.     Ss: Tall, tall, tall.

    Make yourself short    Ss: Short short short.

    Make your arms long.   Ss: Long long long

    Make your eyes big.    Ss: Big big, big.

    Make your eyes small.  Ss: Small, small, small


Step2 Presentation/practice

1 Leading

T: Now, I want to introduce a lovely friend to you. Guess! Who is he? (Mike)Look, this is his photo. Is he lovely? (Yes!) Mike joins our class, today!(Welcome!) Look, he has big eyes! What else…? (Ask students to describe Mike.)

( 课件呈示:Mike的图片,点身体部位出现相应身体部位及句子。如:He has big eyes. He has big ears. He has long arms. He has short legs. He has a small nose .He has a big mouth.)

设计意图:借助描述新的朋友来复习已学的句型和词汇:He has small eyes.等。并自然引出下一环节。

2 Presentations /practice.

(1) long hair( 课件呈现Mike与Sarah的图片星期一的挂历。)

T: Now, I want to tell you a story about Mike. Mike is new in his class. He is sad at first. Because he has no friends. However, on Monday, Mike makes friends with Sarah .Look, this is Sarah .Is she beautiful? She has long hair. (Teach long hair.)Look! I have long hair. What color is it? Who has long hair in your class?

Let’s chant: “Long hair, long hair, long hair, she has long hair.”

(2) short hair( 课件呈现Mike与LiJing的图片星期二的挂历。)

T: On Tuesday, Mike makes friends with LiJing. LiJing is a kind girl .She has short hair. (Teach short hair) Please, look at Mike! He has short hair, too. Short hair, short hair, short hair, he has short hair.

Who has short hair in your class!

   Let’s chant: “Short hair, short hair, short hair, she has short hair.”

Short hair, short hair, short hair stand up .Look, they have short hair.

Long hair, long hair, long hair stand up. Look, they have long hair.

   (3) thin ( 课件呈现Mike与Wu Yifan的图片星期三的挂历。)

T: On Wednesday, Mike makes friends with Wu Yifan. They go to painting. Do you like painting? I like painting very much.Look, this is Wu Yifan .Wu Yifan is a boy .He is very thin. (Teach thin)  Look at … (A thin student). He is thin, too.

Let’s chant: Thin, thin, thin, he is thin; thin, thin, thin, she is thin.

You must eat more and become stronger and stronger.

  (4)strong( 课件呈现Mike与Zhang Peng的图片星期四的挂历。)

T: On Thursday, Mike makes friends with Zhang Peng .They go to play football. Do you like football? Please ,act like a football player.Zhang Peng is a strong boy. (Teach strong)Am I strong? Who is strong in our class?

Let’s chant: Strong, strong, strong, he /she is strong!

(5) quiet ( 课件呈现Mike与Chen Jie的图片星期五的挂历。)

T: Look at me !Am I strong? (No) But I am quiet! Sh…Quiet! On Friday, Mike meets Chen Jie. They go to listen to music. Look, this is Chen Jie .She is quiet. (Teach quiet)  (Point to a student ,ask :Is she/he quiet? Look at….She is quiet.)

Let’s chant: Quiet, quiet, quiet, she/he is quiet.

T:(CAI呈现)Look! Mike is lovely; Sarah has long hair. Amy has short hair; Wu Yifan is thin; Zhang Peng is strong; Chen Jie is quiet. But they are good friends. They work and play every day. And they help each other. Now, Mike is very happy. Mike has friends.(Teach friends, make friends with your partner .“Let’s be friends”) So we are friends now. We should help each other, too.

设计意图:通过故事呈现新授的单词,让学生在听懂故事的同时认识新单词。并通过chant 熟读单词,并联系学生实际进行操练,引导学生把语言运用到实际生活中。

2 Practices

T:(CAI 呈现Let’s learn .的内容。) Let’s read together.

Look at the boy! Who is he? (He is John.)Yes, John and Mike are talking about their friends. Guess who is John’s friend? Why! Zhang Peng is strong and he has short hair.


Step 3 Extensions/ Consolidation.

1Game: Who is missing?

T: OK! Today, we have made many new friends. Let’s play a game with them. Who is missing? What is she/he like?

(课件呈现一个圆盘图片点击消失一个人物图像,再呈现出来!还会出现相应的句子:She has long hair. She has short hair. He is thin. He is strong .She is quiet.)


2. Let's find out.

(课件呈现“Let’s find out.”)

T: Today, we have made many new friends. Do you want to make more new friends? (Yes!)There are some new friends coming. They are very fun. Which one do you like best? First, I tell you which one I like best. She has long hair, big eyes and ears. She has a small nose and a big mouth .She’s cute. Guess, who is it?

Now, can you tell us which one you like best? Please, choose one and talk about your new friends to your classmates.

(Lead some students to talk about which she /he like best. in the groups .And choose someone to introduce her/his new friends.)


3 Guessing game.

Today, I make a new friend. Do you want to know? (Yes!)

Guess, who is he? (CAI 呈现)Look ,he has short hair. Guess, who is he?(课件依次呈现出人物相关的五官部位,让学生猜。He has small eyes .He has big ears. He has a big nose. He has a small mouth .He is strong. He is very tall!)

T:Look! This is Yaoming. He is a super star in the world . He likes playing basketball. Do you like him? OK! I think you have friends. Can you introduce your friends to us? Please take your picture of your friends which I asked you to draw yesterday.

    (Ask some students to introduce his/her best friends to the classmates as they like. Then choose someone to describe his/her friends)


3 Do exercise

T: OK! Let’s do some exercises. Take out your paper. Listen and circle .

    (Finish) let’s check the answer.

No.2 Choose and fill in the blanks.(机动练习。)



T: Look at the blackboard. Today, we have learnt how to describe our friends. Use these sentences He/She has … or He/She is…And we should help each other with our friends.

We have learnt so much. Let’s sing a song.(CAI)

She has long hair. She has long hair .She is quiet .She is quiet.

He has short hair .He has short hair. He is strong. He is strong.

We are friends; we are friends, so happy, so happy!

设计意图: 通过歌曲让学生在快乐中运用新知识,寓教于乐。

T: Today, we make many new friends. We should help each other. Because friends make our life more colorful and happier. Please make more friends in our life. Class is over! See you !






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