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China stresses students' volunteer service in school performance

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    BEIJING, July 18 (Xinhua) -- China plans to incorporate volunteer service into the evaluation of student performances to promote the spirit of selflessness, said the Ministry of Education.

    High school student volunteer work records will play an important part in university entrance selection, which is usually dominated by exam scores, said a notice issued by the ministry Friday.

    Excellent volunteer records would also promote the chances of winning scholarships for students in schools and universities.

    The ministry urged schools to compile teaching materials for volunteer work training, set up special funds for volunteer services and encourage students to take part in social activities during holidays.

    Schools were also asked to map out their own detailed evaluation standards as soon as possible.

    In April, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education issued a similar circular calling for schools to keep student volunteer experience on record for school enrolment and employment.

    The Beijing government expected the move to greatly increase the number of volunteers in community work, which involves 1.78 million students in the city.

    Volunteers have always played a big part in major events in China, including the Beijing Olympic Games.

    Statistics from the International Olympic Committee show that an Olympic record 1,125,799 people applied to be volunteers for the Beijing Games.

    A total of 100,000 volunteers were selected to provide direct services for the Olympics and Paralympics, with 400,000 city volunteers offering information, language and other services.

    As of last year, China had 29.5 million registered volunteers, according to the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League.

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