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PLA recruits 190 trainee pilots from college students, graduates

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  BEIJING, July 13 (Xinhua) -- China's People's Liberation Army's Air Force has recruited 190 male trainee pilots from the country's college graduates and students this year.

    It is the largest such intake since the Air Force started to select its pilot reserves from college graduates rather than high school graduates in 2000.

    They were selected from 3,956 applicants who underwent tests for physical agility, mental toughness and loyalty, after being recommended by more than 500 common colleges and military academies.

    The 116 college graduates and 74 students who had finished sophomore studies by this summer will study aviation for two years in the Air Force Aviation University in Changchun, capital of northeast Jilin Province.

    The sophomore trainee who successfully finishes the two-year studies will be awarded a bachelor degree and commissioned by the Air Force as a first lieutenant.

    The college graduate trainee will be awarded another bachelor degree in addition and commissioned as a captain.

    They will join another 976 trainees selected from high school graduates.

    College trainees account for about 16 percent of the total trainees.

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