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Pep7 unit5 What Does she do?第一课时教案

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Pep7 unit5  What Does she do?第一课时

织里实验小学  蒋芳芳

Teaching Objectives:

1.Enable Ss to know the words of jobs: singer, writer, actress, actor, artist, TV reporter.

2.Enable Ss to read and understand the patterns: What does your father / mother do? He’s / She’s a ….

3.Enable Ss to understand and sing the song “My Family”.

Teaching difficulties
1、Enable the students to use an/ a correctly.
Teaching tools: word cards, head decoration, some famous people’s pictures
Teaching aids:

Pictures,word cards, a recorder, tapes.

Teaching Procedures:


(1)   Sing a song.

(2)   Act and guess
The students look at one student who is required to choose a word card and act (a doctor. Teacher, nurse, driver, farmer, baseball player)
e.g. S1: What do you do ?
S2: Guess.(acting)
S1: Are you a …..?
S2: Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

(1) Play a game

T puts the cards of some jobs (doctor, teacher, nurse, driver, farmer, baseball player) face down on the desk. Ss pick up one and act the job on the card, and then others try to guess what it is.

The last two are new words in this unit:

Teacher. “I am a teacher. I teach English.”

Singer. “I am a singer. I sing songs.”

(2) Write the two words and verbs on the blackboard. Ss try to find out the rules.

teach----teacher                   sing----singer

(3) Ss try to say the rules and write down more words

clean----cleaner               dance----dancer

drive----driver                write----writer

(4) Ss read the words after the T and make sentences to say something about their family members.

(5) Ss try to understand and use the patterns: What does your father / mother / uncle / aunt do?Ask and answer: He / She is a …. He / She can ……

(6) Listen to the tape and repeat the words after the tape.

(7)Sing a song: My Family.


1. Game : What’s missing ?


2.Guess the riddle.


a.)The man likes to help sick people , and he is always in white. What does he do ?

b).She cleans streets. She keeps our life nice and clean .What does she do ?

c).She is in a supermarket, and sells things.What does she do ?

d). he teaches lessons , he works at  a  school, what does he do ?

e).she draw pictures.What does she do ?

3、bingo 游戏。


4.make a survey

a).what are you going to be ?

b).what does your mother do ?

5.Make a wish

What are you going to be ? write it down ,  put it in this lucky bottle, and tell us your wish.


1 T: boys and girls ,

every job is very important,

every road lead to Roma .

2. Interview you classmate’s family members’ profession.

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