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PEP3 Unit2 A Let’s talk

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Teaching aims:

a.Be able to understand and use the new structures: I have a(an)______.It’s ______(colour).

b.Be able to make a short dialogue.

Main points and difficulies:

Be able to read the dialogue and use the new structure in a suitable way.

Teaching aids:

a.the decorations of Amy and Chen Jie; 师生各准备自画书包

b.a recorder and tapes, some colourful pictures


Teaching process:

Step 1:Warm-up/Review

1.Let’s do .

2.Review words.(呈现书本的首字母,说一说.)

3.Show me your English/Chinese/math book.

4.Teacher say Ss do:Put your ______ book in/on/under your _______.

Step 2:Presentation


Show many pictures. T: I have many pictures.Look.What’s this?  Ss:____

T:What colour is it ?

两个提问之后,把回答组合成本课训练的重点句型:I have a(an)______.It’s ______(colour).



Show a schoolbag. Say: I have a schoolbag. It’s_____. How about you ?

Ss: I have a schoolbag. It’s______.     T: Really?

简短的操练之后加入May I have a look?进行教授并引导学生回答:Sure. Here you are.





S1: I have a _______. It’s_____. How about you ?

S2: I have a _______. It’s_____.

S1: Really? May I have a look?

S2: Sure. Here you are.

S1: Thank you.


Show Amy and Chen Jie. T: Amy and Chen Jie are talking. Listen:


(1)What does Amy have?

(2)What colour is it?


(3)What’s in the schoolbag? English book       B.a story-book       C.many books

(这个问题设计主要是理解书本上的这句话: I have many books. An English book, a story-book, and ….在分析基础上请学生选择一个最佳答案.)

第三步:Listen and follow.

第四步:Draw a panda.(由瘦变胖)理解fat.   Say: A fat panda.


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