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China vows to find work for 88% of college grads this year

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  BEIJING, June 15 (Xinhua) -- An official with China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said Monday that stronger support policies could help 88 percent of this year's college graduates land jobs, despite the "grim conditions."

    Grads face tough job conditions as the global downturn has sapped job opportunities: 7.1 million graduates are waiting for employment including 6.1 million fresh graduates and 1 million from last year.

    Only 45 percent of the total had found jobs by the end of May, down 3 percentage points from last year, according to the ministry.

    Wang Yadong, deputy head of the job promotion department, said all the support policies should be implemented well in the three months to August, to make sure 70 percent of the students landed jobs before they left their schools in July. About 60 percent of the remaining students would get three-year internships.

    He said more students applied for graduate school this year, and more joined the army. Those factors would help reduce the unemployment rate.

    The State Council unveiled in February a series of measures to boost employment of college graduates, calling on them to be more flexible.

    The measures included encouraging graduates to work in rural areas, in grassroots urban communities, and in smaller enterprises, asking research institutions to recruit graduates, and stepping up support for graduates starting up their own businesses.

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