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Reasons for less exam takers divided

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The number of students who took part in this year's college entrance exam saw a slight slump, with about 10.2 million sitting for the exam, down 3.8 percent over last year. The decrease, according to Jiang Gang, deputy director of the College & University Students Department of the Ministry of Education, is a consequence of less high school graduates.

However, some believe the increasing difficulty for college graduates to find jobs is the real reason behind the dropping number. Many parents today believe a college education is useless since the huge education investment fails to secure a job for their children.

"Since many college students even can't find jobs, students from rural areas should learn some practical skills or go to work," a parent of a rural student said.

Xiong Bingqi, a professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University, said apart from less high school graduates and the harsh job market, the attraction of studying abroad is also contributing to smaller examinee number.
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